3 Best Healthy Indian Recipes – Must Try at Home

Are you tired of junky food? Is having a healthy lifestyle one of your goals to have a healthy life start having healthful meals? Many Indian recipes can help you eat healthily, but these three recipes are the best and easy to cook recipes. The recipes consist of a balanced diet that will be helpful to the body. Below is a list of healthy food that will ensure you have a healthy life.

3 Best Healthy Indian Recipes
Rava idli served with sambhar

Nothing is good as having an excellent breakfast. Breakfast meals can determine how our day will be. A healthy breakfast also helps in avoiding many snacks and junky food. Rava idli served with sambhar is one of the Indian breakfasts. This breakfast is easy and fast to prepare. The best part about this breakfast is that it doesn’t need a lot of deep-frying, making it healthy for human consumption.
Ravaidli is a traditional dish that originated from the Taffin center of Karnataka.

What do you need to prepare?

Rava idli with sambhar is easy to prepare. All the ingredients are locally available. The ingredients are Rava, carrots, coriander, ginger, garlic, mastered seed, salt, Dall, fresh beans, pepper, and tomatoes.

How do you prepare Rava idli with sambhar?

First, roast some Rava for some minutes without adding any other ingredient. After the Rava cook, wait for it to cool. As it cools, shallow fry some Dall seed that will help add some flavor. Mix your cool Rava with cord, carrots, coriander, ginger, garlic, Dall, salt, and some water. Leave the mixture for some time and prepare the sambhar.
Boil the Dall to help in softening, then mash or blend the Dall. Add some oil on a pan. After the oil is hot, add some mastered seed, salt, and pepper. Let it cook for some minutes, then add some tomatoes. Let it cook for some minutes, then add your choice’s vegetable, blended Dall, and sambhar masala. Take the final step of steaming the Ravaidli. Serve and enjoy your healthy dish.

Palak Paneer Pulao

The second Indian dish is Palak paneer pulao. The plate is super healthy, rich in protein and carbohydrates. The Palak paneer pulao is a vegetable; hence vegetarians should not be left behind on healthy food. The food takes some minutes to cook. This food is a pure wow healthy meal that can cook on a low budget.

What ingredients do you need?

Palak paneer pulao is easy, and ingredients are readily available, especially in India. Elements that you should have to prepare this dish include spinach, brown rice, cumin seed, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, ginger, turmeric, paneer cubes, and chill.

How to prepare Palak paneer pulao?

With all the ingredients, set it’s time to prepare the food. Just to let you know, pulao pure is a mixture of blended spinach with some water. The first step is to blend the make the pulao pure. The second step is to start cooking. Start by putting some oil and cumin seeds. When the oil is hot enough, your onion, wait, or minutes for your onion to cook. Follow by adding all your spices one by one.
Give your spices a few minutes to cook. Then add your pulao pure and the paneer cube. After two minutes, add your brown rice and water that is twice as much as your rice. Let your food cook at low temperatures and enjoy your meal when ready. You can also order these recipes from meal kit delivery services like BistroMD. Learn more about BistroMD here

Tandoor chicken served with vegetables

Chicken is a portion of typical food for any Indian. But how is cooked gives the difference in taste? Tandoor chicken is a salivating recipe. The recipe is also crucial to anyone who is trying to cut some weight.

What do you need to make this healthy food?

The essential ingredients are chicken, gram masala, Kashmiri chili powder, black paper, cayenne paper, olive oil, garlic paste, cumin, and vegetables of your choice.
How do you cook the tandoori chicken?
This chicken is easy to prepare. The first step is to marinate the chicken with all your spices. Let the marinated stay overnight to let the chicken absorb the herbs and place it in a fridge to add to its effectiveness.
After the night:
1. Apply some oil on your double grid pan and place the marinated chicken.
2. Let it cook and enjoy your meal.
3. Cook and serve with vegetables of your choice.


Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, you can still enjoy your healthy meal. As explained above, your choice to maintain a healthy life from breakfast until dinner. Follow the given recipes to help you get the best results of your cooking. You can also add or exclude any spices that you may want. Do not overdo when adding spices. Click on to our other blogs to learn more recipes from India. You can also order any healthy meal and it will be delivered at your door step.

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