4 Signs To Schedule An Eye Doctor Visit

Among the common misconceptions about scheduling a visit to the hospital to see a doctor is that it is acceptable only if a person is sick. However, consulting with medical physicians doesn’t necessarily mean that a patient has to be ill to consider oneself to need medical advice. The same goes for a person’s eye health.

It’d be worth noting that one of the senses that gives many conveniences is our ability to see. As such, it’s only essential that we take good care of our eyes. Seeking guidance and consultation from eye doctors and specialists can be a great start.

4 Signs To Schedule An Eye Doctor Visit

How Often Should You Visit An Eye Doctor

Ideally, people who have vision problems and wear eyeglasses or contact lenses are recommended to schedule an eye doctor appointment and routine checkup once a year. While for young adults, once every couple of years could work. But for adults age 40 and above, it is recommended to visit an optometrist regularly, considering they are prone and more likely at risk for developing age-related eye conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts.

More so, some eye illnesses may not show symptoms early on and may manifest only when the condition is left untreated for a long time. That said, prevention is always better than cure. It can significantly help if you visit an eye doctor annually to monitor your eye health. In addition, they can also give supplements and suggest a suitable diet to maintain healthy eyesight.

With that said, here are some signs to look out for to help you determine if it’s indeed the right time to schedule an eye doctor visit and get checked.

Poor And Blurry Vision

One of the common signs that may indicate an eye problem is the quality of your eyesight. For example, your vision may seem blurry as compared to how clear your sight was before. There may be instances wherein you feel the need to squint your eyes while working on your computer, watching television, or reading a book. This can be a great indicator that you need to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor to have your eyes checked.

Experiencing poor and blurry vision does not always mean you’ll need prescription glasses or contact lenses, because in some cases, it can also be an indication of a more urgent problem. To name a few, here are some eye conditions associated with poor, blurry, and abnormal vision issues:


Essentially, cataracts refer to the clouding of your eye’s lens. It may give a blurry vision to a person like that of a window covered in snow. Early signs of this eye ailment may not interfere with your eyesight, but over time, cataracts can worsen. Obesity, diabetes, and aging can increase the risk of having this condition. Cataract surgery conducted by an ophthalmologist may help treat this disease.

Optic Nerve Hypoplasia

Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH) is an eye condition that leads to the optic nerve’s underdevelopment even before childbirth. It may cause blurry vision and photophobia or extreme sensitivity to light. The cause of this eye illness is still unknown up to this day, and unfortunately, there’s no cure either.

With that said, early detection of ONH can significantly help the patient, as medical intervention can be timely done to help minimize risks of vision loss. Moreover, there are remedies, such as low-vision devices, that can help patients manage ONH. Low-vision devices are clinically proven and non-surgical wearable gear that can help a patient improve visual information processing. It can also help adjust the brightness to help manage light sensitivity.

Eye Irritation

Another common sign to look out for is irritation. Eyes are generally sensitive, and more so, if a foreign object gets lodged in your eye. Small debris such as dust and dirt can get stuck in your eye, which can cause itchiness and soreness.

When this happens, people tend to rub their eyes to clear their eyes and remove the foreign object. Generally, this practice is not ideal since it can cause further damage to your eye. More so, rubbing your eyes continuously may cause redness and dryness to the affected eye. As an immediate remedy, flush your eyes with clean water. More so, you can also put on eye drops to relieve the itchiness and soreness. But it’s always advisable to seek medical attention to remove any debris or foreign object stuck in your eye.


Getting headaches now and then is normal. If you tend to experience headaches frequently, then this may be an indication of an eye problem. After all, feeling pain can be your body’s way of communicating to you that something is wrong.

It could be that your eyes are exhausted. For example, you’ve been driving long distances or being exposed to screens for an extended period when playing computer games on your desktop or working. Or it could be that your eyesight is slowly deteriorating, or perhaps, your prescription is not accurate anymore.

While eye fatigue and headaches are common and aren’t always a reason to be concerned, it’d be best to visit an eye doctor to get checked and determine the possible cause of your discomfort. Your optometrist can best help you address your concern and help your eyes recover.

Sudden Sensitivity To Light

It’s common for most people to feel a bit of discomfort when exposed to a bright source of light. But if you feel a sudden sensitivity to light or perhaps, an immense discomfort, for instance, being out in the sun, or you’re driving at night, then this can be an indication of an eye problem or irritation.

To rule out other health conditions, it’d be best to consult an eye doctor and get an eye exam.

Final Thoughts

Sight is one of our most vital senses. And just like other body parts, our eyes need proper care to keep them healthy too. That said, feeling uncomfortable with your eyesight or not, having a professional diagnose your eyes is the safest way to know more about your eye health.

After all, eye doctors are adept at helping people treat eye illness, manage poor vision, and help prevent possible eye diseases. Consider seeking their assistance and guidance towards healthy eyes, and more so, to ensure your overall wellness.

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