5 Must Have Running Gear for Beginners

It’s the new year, and you’ve decided to take up jogging and running as your form of exercise. You don’t know what to get as far as equipment goes, but I’m here to help you solve that problem. From runningshorts to fitness trackers, these are gear that’s for sure going to help you on your weight loss and running journey. We both know that you haven’t done any of your new year’s resolutions yet, and one of those happens to be weight loss. Well now’s a perfect time to start than any other, because it’s better to start later than never. So sit down, relax, and let me guide you into what gear and equipment you should be looking out for.

5 Must Have Running Gear for Beginners

So what do I need – you might be asking. Well, it’s all up to your personal preferences, your goals, your environment, your budget, the intensity of your workouts, and if you love being stylish. To sum it all up, you’ll need running shoes, a t-shirt, shorts, and a sports bra(if you’re a female runner). It all varies, though, a fit for everyone doesn’t exist.

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Running Shoes and Socks

Essentially, for the type of exercise you’ve chosen, running shoes are all you need. A good pair of shoes is essential when you want to feel comfortable while you’re running. Sore feet as soon as you start jogging is going to be a pain, so try a bunch of different shoe brands so that you can find the perfect fit for you.

You wouldn’t want any injuries because you’ve decided to wear old shoes from your closet. It’s best to get a newer pair so that you wouldn’t end up with any of the common running injuries. Go to any retail chain that sells these brands, try to get something that’s your average joe so you won’t have to spend too much on just shoes.

There are two features you should look out for when deciding on what pair to buy. Firstly, you’ll need to consider the cushioning and the weight of the shoes; cushioned shoes are great for beginners, but lightweight shoes are better for longer runs. Secondly, reflective surfaces; it depends on you if you’re the type to go running in the morning or the evening.

It’s best to stay away from wearing cotton socks. Let’s say you step in a puddle while running, and your feet are going to remain wet until you take your socks off because your cotton socks will stay moist. Try looking for socks specific for running. They have a synthetic blend that can help to prevent blisters.

Look for synthetic blends of polyester and wool, try them out to see which feels the best for you. The style of sock is totally up to you. You can choose to wear socks that don’t go past your ankle, or ankle height socks, or even compression socks that extend over your calf. Wear low cut socks for summer and higher socks for the winter.

Your Shirt, Jacket, and Sports Bra

Your choice of shirts will depend on the weather. So you’ll need different shirts for different seasons, temperatures and weather conditions. So go out and buy some sleeveless shirts, light shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and turtlenecks. You can never predict the weather, so it’s best to stay prepared for every situation.

Look for the fabrics specific for running. Please stay away from cotton shirts because those will get heavy when you sweat through them. Technical fabrics will keep the sweat away from your skin, and to the outer surface of the shirt, it will evaporate that way, so you’re sure to stay dry and comfy.

These fabrics are also cool on your skin, comfortable and light so you won’t have to be weighed down by something like a cotton shirt that stays wet. A good running shirt is made from nylon, from brand-names like Dri-Fit, Climalite, and Coolmax. They’re not too pricy, so you won’t need to spend a lot.

Now it’s completely optional to wear a jacket out when running. They can keep you warm on your cold runs in the morning and at night. However, if it’s the wrong material, it’ll weigh you down, making your run harder and more tedious. Look for some windbreakers or cardigans, they’re lighter and offer enough protection from the sun and maybe even rain.

This is specific to the ladies- so men, keep scrolling. Make sure you’re looking for a sports bra that can offer lots of support and make sure that it is tailored for running or other high-intensity exercises. Test it out by running on the spot and jumping repeatedly. They should fit comfortably and stretch out.

If you have a larger chest, you probably have a harder time looking for a comfortable sports bra. It is advised to turn to online shopping, and it might be easier finding the right sports bra for you. Remember to replace your sports bras after 72 washes or once you’ve lost a significant amount of weight.

Running Shorts or Leg Attire

There are two choices for you when deciding on what to buy for leg attire. Shorts and running tights for the ladies. For most breathability, shorts are what you want. They’re lightweight and can have a mesh inner lining. The best part about shorts are, they have pockets! For your keys, IDs, your phone and wallet.

The other choice is running tights. These can be made out of nylon – the previously mentioned technical fabric. They keep the moisture away from your skin, keeping your run dry and comfortable so that you can run in whatever temperature and season in these tights. Running tights also prevent chafing and irritation in your inner thighs

What’s important to consider when buying your leg attire is if they fit comfortably. You wouldn’t want to chafe and irritate your legs just because they weren’t the correct size. They have to be comfortable around your waistline but not cutting off your blood circulation. They have to fit right and not loose, so they’re not flapping about and sliding down your waist.

Earphones or Headphones

Who wouldn’t love to run while their favorite songs and favorite playlists playing, right? They make your running sessions more enjoyable as well as improving your consistency and performance. Running to your hip-hop playlist will make an impact on your running, so it’s essential that you own a set of earphones or headphones that are specific for running.

They’ll need to have three characteristics; they have to be tough, so it doesn’t break down quickly, meaning they’ll need to last through your training. They need to be resistant to moisture, so your sweat and the rain won’t damage your headphones. They need to fit perfectly, so they won’t fall out as you run – they’re pretty useless if they keep falling off.

You don’t even need to be listening to music. Turn on your favorite podcast and a series of audio books to keep your mind away from the long and tiresome runs you’re on. Keep in mind, though; if you run with headphones on, you’ll need to watch out for traffic because they will block out the sound. Only run with headphones in a safe environment.

Other Running Equipment

These gears aren’t essential for you but can make a difference in the quality of your runs if you take them along with you. Let’s start with a running belt. You can keep your hands free from any objects by putting them in any of the pouches. Bringing along your phone, ID, and cash on your runs is a good practice.

Having one of these strapped on your wrist will be a huge advantage. A smartwatch and fitness tracker can keep the timing for all of your runs, they can monitor your pace, and they can track the routes your taking via GPS. Even a simple watch that can just keep time will be useful because you’ll need to monitor your intervals.

Owning one of these for the fitness aspect is quite useful. A smartwatch can produce a lot of data with each run you have. It’s ideal for the watch to do this because they’ll keep track of your running times and time the breaks you have between runs. They’ll use that data to help you see any patterns you have in your training.

Sun protection gear will also have an impact on your runs. On a hot summer day, it is always advised to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. A hat or visor is also recommended to provide additional protection for your face. Owning a pair of UV-blocking sunglasses is excellent to protect your eyes while you’re out exercising.


Depending on your preferences and what you think is best, there is no solid answer to how much you’ll invest in running wardrobe. You probably already have the bare minimum for a running outfit. However, don’t let your fashion sense take the place of comfort and functionality when determining what you’ll buy. It’s for performance, not fashion statements.

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