5 Tips for Building a Fitness Routine and Getting the Most Out of Your Ebike

Physical fitness isn’t just a recommendation – it’s a necessity in living a full and happy life. With so many unique methods for getting in shape and staying that way, those new to the act of working out regularly can feel overwhelmed. From strength training to cardio and from sports activities to solo exercises, everybody can find an activity they enjoy.

5 Tips for Building a Fitness Routine and Getting the Most Out of Your Ebike

Lately, the phenomenon of ebikes has taken the world by storm. These ingenious machines combine all the benefits of biking with the conveniences of traditional motor-powered vehicles. The evidence shows that regular use of an ebike can help people get fit and stay in shape, but where should you begin?

Let’s take a look at five tips that will help you build a fun and reliable fitness routine and get maximum benefit out of your ebike.

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Any Activity is Good Activity

Let’s be honest, most people don’t get enough physical activity in their day-to-day lives to be considered “fit”. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing and using an ebike is the increase in physical activity it encourages. While ebikes provide assistance with climbing hills or even just coasting, research shows that even those exerting minimal effort burn roughly 200 calories per hour – comparable to walking. Using assist only when necessary can burn nearly as many calories as traditional biking.

Rather than sitting in an automobile and being lethargic, ebikes encourage users to traverse their local communities with relative ease. Even a modest amount of pedaling while on your ebike adds up over time, improving cardiovascular health and weight loss.

Drink Water, Sweat More

It’s no secret that most people suffer from some form of chronic dehydration. This reality is rooted in the fact that all too many people fail to consume adequate amounts of water throughout the day, instead relying upon caffeinated and processed drinks that expel water from the body in excess.

To get the most out of your ebike regimen, drinking additional water is absolutely encouraged. Not only do you need to be hydrated whenever engaging in any form of physical activity outdoors, but other benefits can be enjoyed via hydration. For example, you are more likely to sweat during a workout when properly hydrated – which can remove excess toxins and impurities from your body.

While the summer heat may be enough to work up a sweat throughout part of the year, encouraging additional sweating while staying hydrated can be accomplished through a variety of other means, such as rapid bursts of manual pedaling (a specialized vest can make you sweat more too).

Purchase an Ebike That Meets Your Needs

Countless manufacturers are now getting in on the ebike phenomenon. Most ebikes are not casual investments: ranging from $4,000 to upwards of $10,000 dollars, it is not a fleeting commitment to make. For your first ebike, making a purchase that meets your specific needs can help ensure you get the most value from it long-term. Some ebikes utilize hub motor systems, while others feature center motor systems; a variety of ebikes are available that are specially designed for hauling various cargo, while others look no different than standard bicycles. Consider your specific riding situation and individual requirements to ensure the make and model you purchase provides the best efficiency for your lifestyle.

Save Time and Money

Operating a vehicle in your day-to-day commutes is more expensive than you might think. While fuel costs are one concern, so is the gradual wear and tear put on the vehicle (which leads to exorbitant maintenance costs) and the amount of time you spend in traffic.

Given that most ebikes have a maximum speed of 20 to 28 miles per hour, they can easily compete with or exceed traditional transit times in urban areas. For urban commutes of less than 5 miles, ebiking can save money and time by avoiding traffic lights and preventing your vehicle from being exposed to the most deleterious form of driving (city stop-and-go commuting). It can also ensure a daily fitness regimen where you’re guaranteed to get exercise while traveling to work or nearby locales.

Get Better Battery Life

Most ebikes have a general cruising range of 35 to 100 miles, depending on the model and the mode you use to get around; the turbo mode found on many ebikes to get up hills uses much more energy than the eco modes that are commonly used on flat surfaces. Nevertheless, there are many tricks for improving ebike battery range that will help you further reduce costs and enjoy greater flexibility in traveling.

Some important tips include utilizing the right tire pressure for your riding conditions (off-road, less is more; on the streets, a higher air pressure is better), equipping tubeless tires, keeping the moving components of the ebike well-lubricated, and anticipating your future moves by keeping a constant eye on the road ahead.

Being active and fit is much easier with an ebike, given its ability to assist you in any riding situation. Choosing the ebike that is best for you requires some research, but as with every major investment, taking your time is crucial. Being aware of how your ebike operates can further increase its functionality and let you get the most out of each use, whether the goal is mileage or performance. By using these tips to guide your decisions and fitness regimen, you’ll be burning calories and maximizing your ebiking experience with the best of them.

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