5 Ways to Separate Yourself from Other Nurses

The nursing field is the largest healthcare profession, with more than 3.8 million registered nurses (RNs) in the USA. So it’s not surprising that it’s highly competitive and can be tough to stand out. But if you’re looking to advance your career and get noticed, it’s important to set yourself apart from your colleagues. So while donning some of the best scrubs for nurses might help you look the part, here are five more ways to ensure you’re seen as a top-notch nurse.

5 Ways to Separate Yourself from Other Nurses

Develop your own nursing philosophy and articulate it clearly. 

A nursing philosophy is more than just a set of beliefs about the profession. It is a way of thinking that guides your actions and shapes your interactions with patients, families, and other healthcare team members.

By articulating your nursing philosophy, you can provide direction for your career and ensure that your actions align with your values.

Developing a nursing philosophy can be challenging, but it is well worth the effort. The best way to start is by asking yourself what you believe about nursing, healthcare, and humanity. What are your core values? What do you think is the role of nurses in promoting health and well-being?

Once you have answers to these questions, you can begin to formulate your own nursing philosophy. Remember that there is no right or wrong answer — the most important thing is that your philosophy reflects your values and beliefs.

Be an advocate for your patients and push for their best interests. 

Advocating for your patients means being their loudest cheerleader and pushing for their best interests even when they can’t. It’s making sure that they feel comfortable and confident in their care. It’s fighting for them when they can’t fight for themselves. It’s being their best friend when they need one the most.

Being an advocate for your patients is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a healthcare professional. You get to see firsthand the difference you can make in someone’s life when you go above and beyond for them.

When you take the time to really listen to your patients and fight for what they need, you build trust and relationships that last a lifetime. So, in addition to being the best feeling in the world, it will help you stand out because it shows that you genuinely care about your patients and their well-being.

Take on extra responsibilities and volunteer for projects. 

As a nurse, you have a lot of responsibility, and the idea of taking on more can seem daunting. You are responsible for your patient’s health and well-being. You have to juggle a million other tasks, including charting, medications, and treatments.

Despite all of this, knowing that you can still stand out as a nurse by taking on extra responsibilities and volunteering for projects is essential. By doing this, you will show that you are a leader and that you are dedicated to your career. And this will make you more attractive to potential employers.

You can consider official tasks like becoming a charge nurse or a preceptor for new nurses. Or, you can also look for unofficial opportunities to take on more responsibility. This can include something simple such as volunteering to help new female employees find the best scrub pants for women that leave them feeling comfortable and confident while at work.

Stay current on the latest nursing trends and developments. 

As a nurse, it is important to stay current on the latest nursing trends and developments. There are many ways to do this, such as attending conferences and seminars, reading nursing journals or taking continuing education courses.

However, one of the best ways to stay up-to-date is by networking with other nurses. By talking with other nurses and exchanging ideas, you can learn about new developments in the field and get insights into how different nurses approach challenges. In addition, networking can also help you build relationships with other nurses who can offer support and advice throughout your career.

It’s also a chance for you to hone your interests within the nursing field or bring in a little of your outside expertise. For example, you might have insight into trends like the most flattering men’s scrub jacket options or the best compression socks for nurses. These little tips and tricks can help you stand out from the rest.

Find a nursing mentor who has what you want.

It can be challenging to find a nursing mentor, someone with the experience and knowledge you want and willing to share it with you. However, it is worth the effort to find someone who can help you learn and grow in your career.

An excellent way to find a mentor is to ask around at work or in your professional network. Leverage resources like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to find nurses with the experience you are looking for. Talk to people who have been in the field for a while and see if they know anyone who would be a good fit for you. Your mentor doesn’t have to work in the same facility as you, but it is helpful if they are close enough that you can meet in person from time to time. Still, that isn’t a barrier with the popularity of teleconferencing apps like Zoom or Skype.

Once you have found a few potential mentors, reach out to them and set up a time to chat. Be sure to let them know what you are hoping to learn from them and why you think they would be a good mentor for you. Don’t be discouraged if they cannot commit to being your mentor. Keep trying until you find someone who is a good fit for you, and keep that contact open for later.

Finding a mentor will be a great way to help separate yourself from other nurses for a few reasons. First, you will have access to advise and knowledge you would not otherwise have. Second, your mentor can help you navigate the challenges of the nursing field and offer support when you need it. Finally, having a mentor shows that you are serious about your career and willing to work to be successful.

Final Thoughts

By following these tips, you can separate yourself from other nurses and make yourself more attractive to potential employers. Take the time to develop your skills, broaden your knowledge and build your network. These things will not only help you stand out from the rest but also help you advance in your career.

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