6 Ways to Heal Your Gut Naturally

A healthy gut is a foundation for a healthy body. It is no mystery that eating clean is essential to maintaining good health and a solid digestive system. Always use Healthy Cooking Oil while making lunch and dinner to avoid any issues with the immune system. Eating adulterated, high fat, preservative-rich, refined food is an everyday part of our modern lifestyles. Unhealthy eating habits lead to poor gut health and paired with stress, their impact on the digestive system becomes worse.

So here are six ways to keep your gut health and improve your digestive system.

6 Ways to Heal Your Gut Naturally

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Add Up On Probiotics

Both good and bad bacteria reside in our digestive system. While good bacteria play a significant role in the digestive process, harmful bacteria in the gut can cause inflammation and may be responsible for several diseases. Probiotics include good bacteria that help break down the food in our gut. Including foods such as yogurt rich in probiotics can positively affect digestion and keep the gut healthy.

Probiotics may help improve digestion and may also be responsible for preventing digestive ailments such as colitis, IBS, etc. To protect oneself from constipation and even infections such as E.coli or C.diff, precautions like consuming food rich in probiotics may prove helpful. Excellent sources of probiotics include yogurt, kimchi, and kefir, among others.

Eat Healthy and Drink Enough Water

If you eat junk and load your gut heavily with processed and oily food, your alimentary canal will have difficulty processing it. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, fiber-rich grains, and lean protein sources can keep your gut working efficiently. On the other hand, processed or refined food takes longer to digest and can easily cause constipation. Such foods are responsible for triggering acidity, which may cause GERD or IBS.

While it may not be possible to eat clean at all times, maintaining a proper schedule and some discipline can help. One should focus on reducing fried, processed, and refined foods like pizzas, cheese, fries, coke, or canned food from their diet. Such foods build up toxins in the body and make digestion slower.

Another critical factor is to ensure that you drink enough water. Drinking enough water helps rid constipation and ensures your digestive process works smoothly. Replacing aerated beverages with freshly-squeezed juices, lemonades, or simply water is a significant additional step to boost digestion.

Chew Your Food Properly

Many do not realize how important it is to chew the food properly. The digestion process begins right in the mouth through the enzymes present in the saliva. Adequate chewing ensures the food is broken into smaller particles and reduces the load on your gut. It also helps prevent bloating and gives your system greater processing power. According to research, chewing food properly can also benefit your immunity.

Add Fiber To Your Diet

A diet devoid of fiber is a diet devoid of health. Fiber is responsible for keeping the gut moving fast and healthy. Not consuming sufficient fiber makes the stool hard to pass and may cause constipation. Fiber also adds to the overall bulk of the stool, making it softer and easily passable. Fiber-rich food sources include fruits like mangoes, oranges, grapes, fresh vegetables, oats, and grains. Make sure your balanced diet has food with high fiber content present in it in adequate amounts.

Keep An Active Lifestyle

Maintaining an active lifestyle is essential for good gut health. Studies have concluded that exercises can improve digestive health and alleviate symptoms related to poor digestion. If you’re obese or overweight, chances are high you will develop some gastrointestinal disorders.

Walking, running, skipping, activities, and yoga can help you maintain good gut health and great overall well-being. Working out also ensures that the digestive system fires up and increases digestive efficiency.

Try Fasting and Detox

Going on a vacation always sounds like a great idea to destress and relax. However, when we go on holiday, we eat even more unhealthy food and do not let our body organs relax. Therefore, it is vital to give your gut a detox by fasting for a day once in six months. Fasting strengthens the organs and improves their functioning, leading to better digestion. Your fast may include only fluids or fruits. However, it is important not to take any heavy foods and let your stomach, liver, and intestines relax when you fast.

While maintaining good health is a never-ending process, dependent on making healthy choices, following the above steps may boost your digestive health and help you see a noticeable change in your gut health.

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