Amorolfine Lacquer 2.5ml – Usage, Side Effects, How to Use it?

Amorolfine Lacquer 2.5 ml contains antifungal medicine known as amorolfine which is used to cure fungal infections in nails. The medicine works by actively stopping the formation of fungus in the infected area and once it stops a healthy nail is left to grow.

Amorolfine is widely used to cure fungal skin infections and a variety of fungal nail infections. Amorolfine is also known as amorolfin which is actually a morpholine antifungal drug. It is capable of depleting ergosterol and accumulating agnostic in the cytoplasmic cell membranes of the fungal region.

Amorolfine is basically available in nail lacquer form and contains fungus treatment amorolfine 5% lacquer of amorolfine hydrochloride as an active ingredient which is mostly used to treat the fungal infection of fingernails or toe i.e. onychomycosis. Amorolfine has in vitro fungistatic and fungicidal properties entirely dependent upon the alteration of the cell membrane which is targeted in the steroid biosynthesis. The component is also active against- Yeasts including Candida, Pityrosporum, cryptococcus dermatophytes, Alternaria and so on.

Amorolfine Lacquer 2.5ml - Usage, Side Effects, How to Use it?

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How does Amorolfine Lacquer 2.5ml work? 

Amorolfine inhibits the growth of fungi and yeast along with killing them by acting upon their cell membranes. It can easily stop the fungi or yeast to produce ergosterol which is actually an essential component in the cell membranes of the fungi. As no more ergosterol is produced the growth of fungi is checked. It is important to know that cell membranes are vital for the survival of fungi because they keep the undesired substance from entering the cell and prevent the fluid inside the cell from leaking out. Amorolfine disrupts the cell membrane of the fungi in order to finish the fungal cell spread and prevent its further spread.

Uses of Amorolfine Lacquer 2.5ml

It is extremely important to use amorolfine as per the doctor’s consultation. You have to apply the nail lacquer to the infected area once or twice a week. Initially, file the area of the nail along with the nail surface in order to remove the dirt. Using a clean alcohol swab or varnish remover, you have to clean the surface of the nail. Now treat the infected area by applying amorolfine lacquer evenly over the surface. You have to wait for around 3 to 4 minutes in order to dry the surface. It is important to treat the nails with a continuous review every 3 months (6 months for fingernails and 9 to 12 months for toenails). The dose of amorolfine depends upon the age, medical condition, response towards the therapy, gender and use of some specific medicines.

Directions to use 

Amorolfine actively kills the fungus and treats the infected area really soon. It is extremely important to use the lacquer as per the doctor’s instructions because it can result in some side effects like skin blister, nail disorder or damage, skin irritation, redness or rashes on the affected area.

Prior to the application of the product, it is important to wash your hands properly with an antibacterial solution. Also, avoid direct contact with the product ointment with your normal skin and eyes. In case, it happens it is advised to wash the skin or eyes with plain water and seek immediate medical help. Amorolfine is suitable for adults but children aged below 18 years are prohibited to use. Follow through the below mentioned detailed usage of amorolfine-

Prepare the nail- You have to use a new file and gently prepare the infected area of the nail along with its surface and sidelines. While you are filing the nail make sure that healthy nails remain untouched of the spread.

Precaution- For the cleanup, you do not have to use the same file because it can spread the infection. Also, make sure that no one else uses the used file from the kit.

Nail Cleaning- The cleaning swabs are provided in the kit and you have to use one of them in order to clean the surface of the moon. Do not overthrow it because you might need it later in order to clean your applicator.

Treating the nail– Dip the applicator in an amorolfine nail lacquer bottle and before the lacquer is applied, do not wipe it off on the edge. Apply it gently and evenly over the surface of the nail and allow it to dry naturally. You have to keep the treated nail for around 3 minutes as it is.

Cleaning applicator- Applicators can be used more than once but it is important to clean them thoroughly every time so that it cannot accelerate the infection. You can use the same swab you used earlier to clean the nails in order to clean the applicator. Make sure to not touch the newly treated nails with any other swab.

Close the bottle of amorolfine lacquer tightly and dispose off the file and applicator carefully after use because they can be flammable.

Before using the solution again you have to remove the old lacquer from the infected nails with the help of a swab and then carefully file the infected area if required. Reapply the medicine as mentioned above and allow it to dry for 3 minutes.

If you have to use the paint thinners, white spirit or any other chemical substance then make sure to wear rubber or waterproof gloves in order to protect your treated nails.

In order to use the product, you can also ask the doctor to help you out. Other than that you can also check the directions before using the product.

Side effects of Amorolfine Lacquer 2.5ml

The side effects of using amorolfine products or creams differ from person to person. Some of the individuals may feel little symptoms but others can have a serious impact. In order to prevent the extreme side effects of the product, it is important to consult for medical retention in case you come across its harmful stage. Long term use of amorolfine can result in the nail declaration for losing or separation of the nail from the nail bed. Some individuals can even feel a burning sensation in the infected area. However, a serious allergic response towards the drug is most unlikely, still, if you meet such a condition it is important to seek immediate medical help.

Side effect and skin irritation of Amorolfine Lacquer 2.5ml

There can be a number of skin problems in an individual. During the treatment phase, you have to avoid bathing with hot water or hot showers because hot water can really mess with your skin. After the bath, do not rub your skin with a towel rather just pat dry with a soft cotton cloth. Under any circumstances, you do not have to drop or scratch your skin especially in the affected area. Avoid wearing tight clothes and make sure to leave your skin exposed to open air as much as you can.

It is better to not use perfumes or deodorants too much. If you love swimming then during a phase of treatment avoid swimming in pools or water parks because chlorine can make a situation worse for your skin. If your skin is extremely sensitive then avoid sun exposure. If you have to head out then make sure to wear your sunscreen and protective clothing when you move out of your house.

You can use mild moisturizers regularly in order to hydrate your skin and especially the affected area. If the small rashes do not get better within 4 to 5 days then it is strictly advised to take medical help or consult a pharmacist. Lastly, you have to avoid eating oily and spicy food along with cutting off the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and most importantly, smoking because it can increase skin irritation and itching.

Precautions of Amorolfine Lacquer 2.5ml

Amorolfine lacquer is a general prescription which is almost equivalent to curanail or order cheap Loceryl otc at OKDERMO. Amorolfine lacquer can efficiently treat the fungal infections in nail curing the sides and upper half of nails. The component of this product is hydrochloride as amorolfine which belongs to the medicines group known as antifungals.

The fungal infections which are treated with this product can possibly result in male discoloration or brittle nails. In Pharmacy it is classified as medication only which is strictly sold under the approval for the supervision of a registered platform. There are a large number of the strict surveillance of the product that cannot be suitable for specific conditions of some individuals or it can also interact with other medication.

Key aspects of Amorolfine Lacquer 2.5ml

Amorolfine actively penetrates in nails and kills the fungal growth along with preventing the spread of the infection.

The component is clinically proven to control the growth of fungi and kill a variety of them.

The application required is once or twice a week.

It is suitable for adults only.

Important warnings of Amorolfine Lacquer 2.5ml

If you have diabetes issues, poor blood circulation in hands and feet region, underactive immune system, it is advised to consult your doctor.

If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, do not use the product.

It is not suitable for children aged below 18 years.

This medicine is for external application only

If no significant changes are visible after 2 or 3 months of the application then you can consult your doctor.

Avoid direct contact with mucous membranes, eyes, ears, or skin.

The disposable files have to be discarded carefully after use.

For weekly applications, a new nail file has to be used.

If you are under the treatment of amorolfine do not apply artificial nails or nail varnish.

While working with organic solvents, you should always wear waterproof gloves in order to protect your treated nails.

How to store Amorolfine Lacquer 2.5ml

Keep the medicine out of children’s reach and sight

Store the medicine in a cool and dry place

also, keep the product in dark to avoid direct contact of heat and light

Do not keep expired or out of date medicine and dispose of them properly. Do not leave the product in window sills, car, or in living rooms. Lastly do not store this medicine in bathrooms or in the kitchen.

For absolute effectivity

Immediately after the use, close the amorolfine lacquer bottle tightly to avoid any kind of spill or leak.

Always keep your nails short and file the thick nails. Using a pair of scissors or cutter you can trim the infected nail area.

During the treatment, time do not share your nail cutter or scissors with other people

Finally, remove the videos layer of lacquer while applying a new one.

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