Downsides and Health Hazards of Candy Flipping

Different drugs tend to give different types of high. Hence, the experience is unique in each case. However, it is also quite common to mix different potent drugs. Although this is quite harmful to the health, the combined effect of the drugs is known to give a much better experience. Some of the most commonly mixed drugs include PCP marijuana, codeine, alcohol, heroin, and cocaine. Social mixing often takes place in nightclubs, parties, raves and other similar environments.

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The combination of two different drugs is also known as a flip. The drugs in a flip are selected in such as a way that one of them gives an intense high while the other calms it down giving a friendlier trip. Flipping is more common among the younger adults, i.e. people between the ages of 18 and 24. It is known to give rise to addiction, which can ultimately lead to overdose.

There are various slang terms used for flipping, for example, hippy flipping, kitty flipping, love flipping, nexus lipping, robo flipping, elephant flipping, and so on, depending on the drugs that are being mixed. This article talks about candy flipping. At the end of the article, you will have complete knowledge on what candy flipping actually means, what different users have to say about it, the risks, the high and the dangers associated with candy flipping.

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What is Candy Flipping?

Candy flipping is a slang term used when MDMA and LSD are combined. MDMA is the short form used for methyIndioxymethamphetamine, which is also known as Molly or Ecstasy. The term was first used in the underground nightclubs in Britain when there was a surge in the supply and usage of both these drugs. Research has shown that this combination tends to be extremely dangerous for both the brain as well as the heart. Keeping the negative effects on health aside, both of these are illegal drugs. Therefore, you can easily land up in some serious trouble if caught in the act.

Candy Flipping was mainly popular in the early 1990s to the 2000s. The two drugs act on different sections of the brain, thereby giving rise to euphoric, psychedelic and hallucinogenic experiences, all at the same time. Although candy flipping had gone out of practice for a long time, easy access to online messages and advice on drug abuse seems to have brought it back in trend once again.

As it is, flipping tends to have severe negative impacts on the body. However, the dangers are amplified even more when it is taken by inexperienced users. If you ask anyone who has tried candy flipping, the person will be able to tell you a lot of negative as well as the positive experiences. The high is said to be better when you first take MDMA, wait for some time and then, follow it up by the second drug when you start feeling the kicks from the first drug. This is much better than taking both the drugs at the same time.

The negative consequences are that the combination is also known to give rise to nausea and headaches. This usually happens after you take LSD. The body can start to overheat and feel feverish. What makes it even worse is that you will be hallucinating all the while when this is happening. So yes, you will have absolutely no control over yourself. In any case, the negative effects of candy flipping are much greater than the positive effects.

How is Candy Flipping Different From Rolling at a Rave?

“There are quite a lot of differences between rolling and candy flipping. Rolling is a slang term used to describe the use (or abuse) of MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, or Molly. So basically, when someone is rolling, it means that the person is high on ecstasy and nothing else. Since there is no mixing, the person will experience a unique high typical to the drug in question. However, during candy flipping, you experience the effects of both MDMA as well as LSD at the same time. This makes the experience quite intense.”

People who never had an experience in substance abuse may not be able to take on the combined effects of both the drugs. Most people have also related that the first time they tried candy flipping, it felt like as if there was an oncoming heart attack. Therefore, it is generally recommended to try rolling at least once before going in for the candy flip. If it goes right, you will be able to experience a unique type of high, as if you have been filled with love from within. You will find everything very enjoyable, especially music, which tends to complement the high.

People who have tried candy flipping suggest that if you really want to enjoy candy flipping in its true essence, you should try MDMA and LSD separately, at least once. This way, you will have a better knowledge of how things are working when the effects come out together. You will also be able to time the two drugs more accurately so that they complement each other in a perfect manner. For example, MDMA tends to fill you up with love and happiness, recreating a feeling of true euphoria. LSD, on the other hand, sharpens your senses and emotion, allowing you to enjoy each sensation to its fullest.

Another difference between rolling and candy flipping is that when you are rolling, you are not required to be very specific about how you are taking. Of course, there are different methods forof taking different drugs. Even then, you are good as long as you do not take it in incredibly dangerous quantities. So while rolling, the dosage is all that you have got to keep in mind. However, the case is different when you are candy flipping. You need to be careful regarding both the dosage as well the method. There are specific dosages of each drug. If you fail to stick to it, it may turn out to be too dangerous, or you may not experience the exact high that you have always wanted to.

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What to Expect During Candy Flipping?

The exact feeling that hits you after candy flipping is somewhat difficult to describe. This is also the reason why more and more people are curious about trying it out. The most general description given by people who have actually tried it is that it makes you feel euphoric and your elation becomes simply uncontrollable. On a physical level, you will find it difficult to stop yourself from grinning. It is definitely not a bad type of high, but then again, the experience could be perceived in an entirely different way by two different people.

Out of the two drugs, MDMA is taken first. This uplifts your mood and makes your entire body feel very amazing. After you take LSD, the high turns psychedelic. Basically, you will be able to derive a greater amount of pleasure from even the commonplace things such as lights and music. You will feel simply lost in the moment. The MDMA affects your body while the LSD affects your mind. This easily makes it one of the best combinations for flipping. Furthermore, MDMA also does an excellent job of making the high from LSD last for a longer time than it usually should. So, you are going to be in this euphoric state for quite a long period.

One thing to note is that you will only be able to enjoy candy flipping at its best if both MDMA and LSD are in their purest form. If they have been adulterated, you may not experience the same high as expected. It also becomes rather difficult to determine the right dosage. The combination may also turn out to be quite unpleasant if you are not really compatible with either of these drugs. However, the positive thing is that MDMA reduces the groggy type of hangover that usually comes in with the LSD. So, you will be able to get much better control of yourself the following day. LSD, on the other hand, prevents side effects such as mental imbalance, depression, and anxiety that is usually followed by MDMA abuse.

Candy Flipping High

Because of the type of high that it gives, candy flipping is also known as bliss flipping. The two drugs complement each other perfectly in order to give a layered experience. The person is in a very positive mood or rather elated. At the same time, he is also able to feel the subconscious emotions with greater depth. In this state, even the most ordinary stimulation tends to make the excitement level go beyond the bar.

People who have tried various types of flipping generally describe candy flipping as the best. Unlike most other combinations, candy flipping maintains a comparatively more sober frame of mind while bringing out the best effects such as insightfulness and profoundness. You will have a greater degree of self-love, poise and confidence in yourself without any of the negative effects such as feeling scared, confused or getting too overwhelmed by emotions so as to run around and hug everyone who comes your way.

After you take LSD, you will suddenly feel that the confusion from the earlier drug has suddenly lifted. You start to perceive everything as somewhat dramatic, even something as basic as the height of the room. You will suddenly be filled with awe and amazement for everything. You will feel as though you are in complete control of your destiny and feel overcome with purposefulness. You may also feel that something remarkable is about to happen in your life.

The high may also differ slightly from one person to the other depending on the quantity that has been used. It is also not really necessary that the same quantities create the same type of high for two different people. Here, the tolerance that has been developed for either or both of the drugs can come into play. The best high is known to come into effect when you keep a gap of atleast half an hour between the two drugs. However, this time can also be extended or shortened depending on personal preference. Overall, the high acquired through candy flipping is intense and euphoric. Not only that, but it also lasts for a much longer period as against when each of these drugs is taken separately.

Downsides and Health Hazards of Candy Flipping

Both the MDMA as well as the LSD are psychedelic substances and give the desired high by affecting the production of serotonin in the brain as well as altering the manner in which they are acted upon by the receptors. The result is that it tends to cause hallucinations and amplify the sensation of euphoria by a remarkable degree. This can easily cause distortions in time, making the person lose control of reality and sense. The potential hazards of candy flipping have not been thoroughly researched. However, the two drugs definitely increase the negative side effects of each other. Even if it is not apparent at the time of the high, it will definitely show its effect in the long run. The negative side effects include

  • A break from reality that continues for a very long period.
  • Aggression
  • Paranoia
  • A drastic increase in the body temperature
  • Unpleasant hallucinations
  • Psychosis
  • Dehydration
  • Muscle pain

Furthermore, LSD tends to increase the potency of MDMA. This is very likely to cause an overdose. The psychotic symptoms, if seen, are most probably due to the overdose. So, if the person shows any abnormal behavior such as unprovoked aggressiveness, unusual hallucination, an abnormal break from reality and so on, it is best to call in the emergency right away.

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How to Recover from Candy Flipping Effects?

During candy flipping, the dosage for each drug should be based on your body weight, especially that of MDMA. This will make recovery much smoother, and you will be able to get away without any severe hangover or other negative side effects in the ensuing period. It is also very important to drink lots of water for a better recovery. During the high, you may not feel thirsty or even be aware of the fact that you should drink water. However, it is recommended that you drink at least 250 to 500 ml per hour so as to ensure that you are well hydrated and the toxins are flushed out of the body efficiently.

Detoxification from candy flipping takes some time and is best done under professional supervision. It is also good if you have a support team as they can help you with the management of the cravings in a more efficient manner. The detoxification treatments are made on evidence-based approach. During the rehabilitation program, the concerned person will be introduced to a better mechanism for coping with the side effects, made aware of all the negative side effects of substance abuse and offered assistance in maintaining abstinence.

How to Ensure that you Stay Safe During Candy Flipping?

To ensure that you do not go too over the board with candy flipping, you have to keep several things in mind, especially if you do not have prior experience. To avoid any unwanted consequences, use both MDMA and LSD of low potency. It is also important for the drugs to be clean. Adulterated drugs will do nothing except give you a very bad trip and a hangover that stays for a long time.

Go for candy flipping only when you have eaten well beforehand and make sure that you keep drinking lots of water before and after the process. Do not stay under the sun or in other areas with a high temperature after you have taken the drugs. It is best to do a lot of research before and after the mixing. Recovery becomes much smoother when you have taken smaller amounts. It also depends on the level of tolerance your body has developed for each of these drugs.

You should also have some safety measures planned beforehand. For example, it is important that you have someone look after you when you are high and take the necessary steps in case of any complication. The person should help you take rest and make sure that you stay well hydrated throughout the process. In some cases, the high can also make you feel confused and lose control of your surroundings. You may also have trouble communicating with the people around you. However, if you have someone to take care of you, you will still be safe even after going through all of these. If you have to get home, make sure that you have already made the arrangements in advance.

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Is it ideal to Candy Flip Publicly?

The high acquired from candy flipping is quite intense. Furthermore, you are never sure if the experience is going to be the same as the previous one. Usually, it becomes difficult to control the emotions after a candy flip. Therefore, it is very likely that you may go out and do some pretty weird things, things that can easily put you in a bad light. You definitely do not want to make a scene out in public. Therefore, it is recommended that you candy flip in a setting that offers enough privacy. For the same reasons as before, it is better if you do it with close friends rather than strangers.


You can easily see that candy flipping could be highly dangerous for the body and the mind. Both LSD and MDMA tend to have severe negative effects on the body, including heart palpitations and even irreversible brain damage. The consequences are dire even if you take the drugs individually. When taken together, the negative effects of each drug are magnified to a dangerous level. Therefore, the best advice is to stay far away from candy flipping.

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