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Elephantitis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Prevention, Pictures and More info:  Elephantiasis, also identified as lymphatic filariasis, is certainly an uncommon disease that’s spread by mosquitoes. The Elephantitis term is usually used because for those who have it, their legs, arms, and face become much bigger compared to normal.

Your gender parts and breast may additionally get bigger. The affected skin may congeal and harden to appear something such as an elephant’s skin. It’s more popular with men and women who live in tropical or subtropical places. For those who have it, there are treatments and medications to reduce the inflammation and irritation.

Elephantiasis is caused by various other kinds of parasitic worms, such as Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, and B. Timori. Elephantiasis is passed by female mosquitoes. If an infected female mosquito bites an individual, she may insert the worm larvae into the bloodstream. The worm larvae recreate and expanded within the bloodstream, where they could possibly exist for many years.

Elephantitis is identified by irregular irritation of cells and the skin in the lower part of the body. The primarily affected body parts are legs and genitals which turn out to be thick and loose which makes it challenging for the infected individual to live life easily. There can be unnecessary of liquid range on the legs (feet) and lower back creating the skin darkish and ulcerated. In the doctor’s words, this condition is known as lymphatic filariasis because it is a result of filarial distributing mosquito. In serious cases, there may be severe problems creating harm to the blood and might be dangerous for life.  Elephantiasis because of lymphatic filariasis is usually known as “true” Elephantitis. In many places, the lymphatic harm related to Elephantitis has further causes such as particular sexually transmitted diseases.

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Causes of Elephantitis Diseases

Generally, Elephantitis Disease Occurs, when you are bitten by lots of various types of mosquitoes over a long time, in a place where some categories of roundworms often tend to occur.

It started causing when some of the dangerous types of mosquitoes affected by the roundworm larvae bite you. The small larvae live in your bloodstream and expand rapidly. They may end developing in your lymph process. They could stay in your body accessible for years and result in lots of harm to your lymph system. This is just what causes the inflammation.

A significant reason for the disease is a mosquito attack. This occurs when either of 3 tiny parasitic worms such as B. timori, Brugia Malayi or Wuchereria bancrofti infects the lymphatic system. Each one of these worms is transferred from one individual to another by female mosquitoes. When a mosquito holding a filarial worm bites an individual, the worm moves to his lymph nodes and begins reproduction. Gradually with time, the worms be a little more created and brings about inflammation in the lymphatic vessels. A whole damaged limb patients irritation because of this and turns into 2 or 3 times big leg or feet than its original size. The swelling turns into the outside noticeable and hard to keep hidden. This problem is recognized as Lymphatic Filariasis. It is among the types of Elephantitis.

Lymphatic disease due to chemical substances is also a cause of the problem. The disease mostly affects individuals staying in Africa and tropical places, especially those moving in uncovered feet. The dirt in these areas is full of minerals like sodium and potassium. The chemical substances interact with the bare skin under the feet and walk in place to the lymphatic vessels, obstructing them, and creating disease. The resulting illness is called Non-Filarial Elephantitis.

Elephantiasis Sign and Symptoms

You might not recognize you have elephantiasis unless you observe the swelling. Not just that but also your body parts such as legs, face, or feet start to appear big and lumpy with hard, skin, additionally, there is aching in the puffy part. You might also feel anxiety, fever, and just feel bad everywhere.

Often times, signs and symptoms of elephantiasis might not seem until years after mosquito bites infection. As the unwanted organisms collect in the bloodstream, they can control flow and result in liquid to develop in surrounding cells.

Serious Symptoms Elephantitis Disease infection are:

  • Fever
  • Severe swelling
  • Veracious skin appearance
  • Massive leg swelling
  • Blocked lymph ducts
  • Brawny skin color
  • Thickened skin tissue
  • Fibrotic skin tissue
  • Impaired lymphatic drainage
  • Skin ulceration
  • Pain above testicles
  • Enlarged groin lymph nodes
  • Pebbly skin appearance
  • Pain in testicles

Symptoms of Long Term Infection of Elephantiasis Disease are:

  • Swollen liver
  • White urinary discharge
  • Extremely swollen legs(Feet), genitalia, and breasts
  • Swollen spleen

Can Elephantiasis be Treated?

Absolutely yes, elephantiasis is treatable with medicine. Medications to treat lymphatic filariasis are most beneficial if used immediately after an infection disease, however, they come with certain harmful unwanted side effects. Additionally, Elephantitis is hard to identify early. In extreme cases, surgical treatment might be required.

Identification of Elephantitis and Medical Diagnosis

Your doctor could find out if you elephantiasis by providing you with a medical test. Your doctor will inquire about your medical record, and if you’ve traveled to an area in which you were more likely to have received Elephantitis.

Your Doctor also takes blood checks test carried out to find out if roundworms are in your bloodstream. These laboratory tests must be performed at nighttime, simply because that’s when these harmful bacteria are active.

Treatment of Elephantitis Infection and Disease

There are medications and tablets to deal with elephantiasis. Your doctor might provide you one called diethylcarbamazine (DEC). You’ll take it one time a year. It may kill the small worms in your bloodstream.

An alternative way to treat elephantiasis is by using DEC along with a medicine called ivermectin. This is also taken one time a year, as well as the mixture has proven more effective long-term outcomes.

The treatment is generally nicely tolerated however unwanted side effects consist of dizziness, fever and pain muscles. However, usually prescription medications are not so successful against adult worms. Recent microfilariae created by the adult worms frequently still appear months after treatment method.

How to Protect and Avoid from Elephantiasis Disease Infection

Apply lotion: Using lotion may behave just like give protection to against the microfilariae. Even though you are affected, using cream will purify the lymph nodes and also skin, giving you quicker outcomes.

Compression Bandages: Using Compression Bandages seems to hide the lymphatic liquids, while before, the movement was obstructed, creating the swelling.

Use Insect Spray: Again the primary objective is always to avoid mosquitoes. Using bug spray will certainly defend against any kind of unnecessary vectors like mosquitoes. Spraying certainly kills the majority of mosquitoes.

Use Outfits with lots of Protection: Putting on clothes with lots of coverage may help defend you from mosquito bites. The same as any other mosquito care, it may restrict the skin uncovered, thus, lowering the possibilities of getting bitten.

Wear Footwear: This may hide your feet, and get the mosquitoes as well as other poisons far from them.

Wash Hands, Feet, Face, and Body: This may maintain your entire body dirt free, and avoid critical disease. If you are affected, and your skin is cleansed, it may give considerably less harm. While if the skin is unclean, then those chemical substances and dust materials also enhance the body parts

Providing Treatments to avoid infection:

Surgically Getting Rid of affected cells:

Elephantiasis Home Remedies or Home Treatment

  • Carefully wash the puffy part with soap and clean water regularly
  • Maintain yourself germ-free problems
  • Use Body lotion and Creams that are specially made to protect from mosquito bites.
  • Elevate and working out the puffy hand or leg to enhance the lymph movement.
  • Use mosquito repellents and mosquito nets to avoid such dangerous bites that may cause Elephantitis.

Elephantiasis Pictures & Images of Legs, Face, Feet

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More information on Elephantiasis Parasite Filariasis 

Elephantiasis can worsen itself to extremely dangerous stages if not treated in the beginning. The following are several of the serious problems that may occur:-

Hydrocele is extremely generally noticed in males who are afflicted by Elephantitis. Hydrocele is the amassing of fluids in the testicles. This is an extremely hurtful problem, which makes men impotent.

Also, elephantiasis of the penis along with the scrotum in males is an extremely unpleasant illness that will result in impotency.

In women, the elephantiasis may pass to the vulva. This may enable the female to take pleasure in penetrative sex, as well as to get pregnant. This brings about tumorous growths, which could create the problem quite serious.

Elephantitis may cause injury to the lung tissue through eosinophilia, wherein there is certainly a gain in the quantity of eosinophil in the bloodstream. This problem is identified by a wheezing cough and fevers.

Long term elephantiasis may cause failure of the kidneys.

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