Everyday Movements That Can Cause or Eliminate Chronic Back Pain

You may have been suffering from chronic back pain for quite some time now. It may range from simply having a buzz of pain in the background, to not being able to move because of it. You figured you’ve lived with it long enough and it’s time for some drastic measures in order to rid your life of the pain you have been carrying for so long, forever.

There’s no need to be too radical about it, really – though it may feel like you need an operation or some other severe method to remove the pain you’ve been suffering with for as long as you can remember, there are actually other ways to deal with your pain in a noninvasive way.

A lot of it can be simple changes in your lifestyle that you never thought affected your back. However, due to habit or just not taking note of when there is discomfort, you may have taken these practices for granted and never thought they could cause your pain – and making modifications to them could consequently take your pain away forever.

Everyday Movements That Can Cause or Eliminate Chronic Back Pain

Here are some ways you can go about removing your back pain noninvasively

Check your mattress

There has been significant innovation in mattresses these days, and there are those that offer better comfort and sleep more than ever before. The stiffness or softness of your mattress can actually affect your back and your sleep quality – the lack of the latter resulting in not being able to recuperate enough to recover from strenuous exertion during the day. All this can cause chronic back pain – and simply changing to one that accommodates your spine and specific condition can reduce it significantly, or even completely remove it.

Experiment with the best sleeping position

Different things work for different people. Sometimes, sleeping on your back may help relax you better and take away or prevent back pain. Try putting a pillow under your knees in order to keep the curve of your back and see if that helps you.

Other times, sleeping on your side can help relieve your back pain better for you. You can try doing this with a pillow in between your legs.

Go ahead and try which position works best for you. Also use your pillow for proper alignment of your head, neck, and back. Be conscious of what feels good and do away with what doesn’t help. Every person can have unique methods that can help them – so do what’s best for your body. What works for your peers or even family members may not necessarily be what works best for you.

Be more aware of your movements

Simple things you take for granted – such as picking something up off the ground, carrying heavy objects, and even the way you work out – not doing these properly can result in back pain. Make sure you are bending your knees when you pick something off of the ground, and that you are observing the proper form when you do get to work out.

Fix your posture

Visit your chiropractor in Dayton OH to ask about what the proper posture is – and practice this regularly! Your hunched back and unchecked way of standing, sitting, and walking can all be affecting your spine and giving you back pain.

While you’re at it, you can get alignment from your chiropractor as well, and then take note of the form that he/she recommends even when you’re done with your checkup. If you can, review the exercises you are doing along with your form to ensure that your form is optimal. Keep any tips they give you in mind when you are back to your daily grind.


Every morning, make it a point to do stretches. This is ideally after you’ve done some light cardiovascular exercises in order to get your blood flowing and warm. You can do yoga, lower back stretches and other poses to support flexibility and increased mobility in your joints and muscles. This will also help manage your pain, if not take it away fully.

Incorporate light exercise in your routine

Try to take light walks when you can; take the stairs instead of the elevator; or even walk instead of taking a car when you have a choice. The movement in your joints can help reduce pain, and the hormones the exercise secretes in your body can improve your mood as a benefit as well. These all help in alleviating your condition.

 You may be astonished at how simple these lifestyle changes are, but better believe that they work. Taking away your pain may be simpler than you think – it all boils down to some fundamental tweaks, and doesn’t really need extreme action most of the time.

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