Five Tips to Improve Your Client’s Experience in Home Care

Home care is beginning to place the customer at the centre of its business model, just like many other industries. Customer service is the number one priority at home care agencies. It is particularly true given the growing demand for home healthcare services. Clients will choose providers that offer efficient, effective and consumer-centric service.

By putting in place a strategy to address your customer service concerns, you can put yourself above your competitors instead of doing the minimum to respond to client complaints and concerns. You will be at the top of your mind regarding referrals.

Five Tips to Improve Your Client's Experience in Home Care

The right customer service approach can increase brand loyalty, raise awareness of your agency on the market and earn trust from current and potential clients.

Here are five tips your home care agency could use to create an experience for your clients that they will always remember.

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Be responsive and available

Avoid using automated tools when responding to client requests or complaints. You can use various customer service platforms and tools to communicate with clients quickly.

Consider adding a live chat feature to your website, which allows your staff to answer customer service questions in real-time. Or use your home care platform to connect your clients to their caregivers through stakeholder portals. You will build trust and loyalty by immediately responding to your client’s concerns.

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It would be best if you listened to your customers.

Client-directed care is when the client has the power and flexibility to decide where, when and who they want to receive home care. You must consider their needs and wants, even if they need guidance and direction.

Use your home care software to monitor the client’s status and adjust their care plan accordingly.

The more you listen to and understand your client’s needs, goals and preferences, the more likely they will have an enjoyable experience.

Be punctual

Late and missed home visits are among the most common complaints in the industry.

If you implement a software solution for home care that features electronic visit verification, real-time updates and automatic update notifications, your providers can clock in and out on time.

You can then respond to the situation or inform your clients promptly. In addition to customer service, missing an appointment could have severe consequences for your client. It’s therefore essential that you keep them informed.

Stay connected with your family

According to StatsCan and the National Alliance for Caregiving, in Canada and the United States, over 61+ million men and women provide care for their families in North America.

A friend or family member of your client would like to see the care plan so they can ensure services are delivered as planned.

Your employees will spend a lot of time answering questions from family and friends, calling or emailing you.

By providing key stakeholders with an online portal that provides access to information like the schedule of their loved ones and notes on care plans, agencies can increase transparency and reduce customer service calls.

Use your data

Today, most home care software can capture a large amount of data.

You can easily capture the performance of your employees and client feedback with electronic notes and clinical documents.

You can then adjust your customer service strategy and stay informed about creating a more client-centric experience. You can collect data about your clients’ vitals and health using more advanced tools, such as machine-learning solutions.

These tools provide data-driven support to help your providers make better decisions on the ground. This can enhance their clients’ experience.

When organisations go above and beyond to accommodate clients, they create the most memorable experiences. The extraordinary gestures they make benefit the client. They are intended to help and give them a fantastic story about your brand. The best customer service is a result of genuinely wanting to help clients.

You can easily stand out among your competitors by combining the above tools and tactics and encouraging your staff to view home care visits positively.

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