How Online Therapy Can Save Your Relationship

The Hollywood flick ‘Gone Girl’ was brilliant for various reasons. Apart from the thrill it offered and the suspense it held, the movie was also successful in addressing one of the major issues of the urban lifestyle. The problems in relationships and what causes you to ‘fall-out of love’. This is a must-watch for every couple, where, brutally the nakedness of the way a person’s individuality is ripped-off them, only for the significant other to get bored of what they have ‘created’. Relationships do require work and sometimes in due course, we transform into people we never knew existed in the first place, only to be discarded later on. This is the point where the strongest of relationships collapse. You know you need help if you no longer recognize the stranger in the mirror.

How Online Therapy Can Save Your Relationship?

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What Is Online Therapy And Its Relation To Relationships?

Couples today are unlike the previous generation. Equality is the norm of the day, where you are married to your best friend. It is not a problem if he cooks the meals and does the dishes after dinner. It is alright if she is the breadwinner and runs a successful business, you no longer have to touch his feet and pray for his long life, because he could be doing the same for you.

Shortly put, the dynamics have changed and the gender-divide has collapsed. While most might believe that the times are great to be at, the truth is much different. With the ‘liquidity’ in the gender identity becoming the new reality, there are new challenges that a relationship has to endure. With so much freedom offered, there are chances that you lose the boundaries altogether and get lost in a vast desert of an endless search for an anchor. What was once charming, is no longer interesting or interested at all.

Not all couples prefer a visit to the therapists’ office. The chances of being spotted by people you know and later becoming a topic for the rumors is something you wish to avoid. While the benefits of therapy are plenty, you also want to maintain discreteness about the same. This is where online therapy comes to picture. Various websites offer consultations on online platforms with some of the best therapists. These professionals are highly qualified individuals expert in their field of expertise. One does not have to worry about the authentication of these websites or the therapist that features here, as they are licensed and registered with known sources.

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Online Therapy Can Solve Relationship Issues Easily

While most of the websites do require you to sign up for memberships, some variations are free. This is a great way to get professional help to deal with your problems without having to pay a dime. The best part about online therapy is the privacy it offers. You need not have to make your route to the therapist’s office to commence your appointment in a new environment.

The online sessions can be easily conducted well within the confines of your living room at a time slot selected by you. This offers you the freedom to relax in your own space with your spouse and express yourself naturally. These online sessions can be conducted at any place in the world without having to stay within the proximity of the therapist’s address. You can now get in touch with the best while anywhere in the world.

The other beneficial aspect of the online therapy sessions is the fact that you get to ‘choose’ your therapist. These are reputed platforms with various therapists available at the same place for you to make your selection. Relationships have different needs and are of various dimensions. Every such needs to have a different manner in which to be dealt with, bringing into the picture the various specialists. So, according to what you, your spouse, or your family requires, you can book an appointment with the relevant therapist.

Relationship Issues

The man and wife relationship is a special one. Essentially this is the nucleus of the stability that resonates in the entire household. The balancing factor arises from this aspect of the relationship where love, value, respect, and security are the basic norms. However, things go haywire if this is not met within the family.

Effect Of Relationship Issue On Children

The first ones to suffer are the children, who usually bear the brunt of a bad relationship between their parents. Such children grow with serious issues of low self-esteem, depressions, and lack of concentration. Such children from broken homes often grow up to be weak individuals with an identity crisis of their own. This further leads to a cycle of issues that creep into the fabric of our society and sometimes dictates the terms of behavior in the long run.

Issues Between Couples

The other matter that comes into light through the relationship issues between spouses is the individual behavioral problems. There have been innumerable cases, where the underlying problem was never the ‘compatibility issue’ but the traumatic incidents from one’s childhood. People suffering from their disorders often carry the baggage into their adulthood. The worst part, however, is the fact that such issues often go unnoticed and are projected on to the significant others. Lately, issues such as the NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder have seen a rise in the number of cases. While just a few decades ago this was a rare occurrence which today has grown to be a natural norm.

Such issues have their roots in the childhood of the victim and later grow to be the major causes of problems when trying to lead a successful life. Through online therapy sessions, NPD and various such problems are easily brought to light. This makes it easy to access the next level of treatment, where the patient is referred to the other expert who is a professional in a certain field of disorder.

Negative Impact Of Trust Issues

Trust is one of the major binding factors in any relationship. However, for a marriage to work successfully, this is a leading aspect. There have been times when people simply could not commit to a relationship because they did not learn the art of trusting the other person. This often swings in two extreme ways. Either such a victim simply does not show ‘any’ kind of concern and investment to the significant other or the relationship, or they are so possessive that they simply smother the life out of the relationship. What is often known as a commitment-phobia is the person’s refusal to commit to anyone else in their entire lives because they cannot trust.

Hurt In A relationship

The hurt is too deep to live all over again, and in this pursuit to protect themselves, such people simply do not care about trusting once again. The couple’s therapist or the relationship experts can diagnose such issues and offer the required solutions likewise. While this might not ‘fix a psychological issue’ it, however, offers a platform of realization where the two involved can ‘work around the problem’.

How Does Online Therapy Help Improve Relationships?

To start with, it is always good to talk to someone. While the ‘walls might have ears’, the therapist will keep things well buried within their hearts. It is the training of the confidentiality of these experts that allows them to be able to offer the discretion much required. It feels great to speak and not be judged, as it lifts the load off one’s shoulder about having to make an impression on someone.

For the very first time, you have all the attention in the world directed towards you. This itself is one of the leading manners in which the therapy works. An increasing number of cases have shown that a person feels great after a session because they could simply talk to an ‘understanding’ professional who is firm on neutral grounds.

The other aspect of online therapy that can help your relationship, is the fact that you get to express. This is a common ground where you can talk your heart out and have a ‘coach’ to ensure that things stay within the civil lines. The online therapy is a great way to finally place all on the table, with an expert’s overview. While on a session, as you interact with your significant other, the therapist can read between the lines. This is half the problem solved. Many times, it is simply the communication either too much of it or the complete lack of it. With the therapist to overlook you, they can offer you the perfect sense of ‘enlightenment’ about where and how the problem has arisen in the first place.

The help is a simple exercise where you are ‘shown’ the source, cause, and the reason for an issue. Mostly, the willing partners take this in their stride and welcome the therapist’s views about the problem. The solutions offered are accepted with grace, after all, who does not wish for a blissful life?

How To Save Your Family Relationships

Now that we have started talking, it gets easier from here. However, before anything else, it is of great importance for the two involved to be ‘willing’ to change or resolve. As a disclaimer, it is necessary to mention that there have been cases where one of the partners simply went along with the therapy to be able to ‘route their way into divorce’. The therapist’s office was used as a place where there would be no bloodshed and things could progress easily.

For the more willing ones’, the good news is that there is always a solution to every problem. There are manners in which a marital issue can be resolved with online therapy sessions. The relationship expert observes the couple. Their problems and point of view are carefully analyzed. How they feel about themselves and each other is also noted. Most importantly, it is necessary to know exactly what they wish from their relationship. Once these parameters are put to perspective, seeking a solution is simply a matter of time.

  • Communicate: Communication is the key to resolve in many cases. A vast majority of couple’s therapy has been successful simply because the ‘ball could get rolling’. It is great to be able to talk to your spouse, as this itself is both the problem and a solution. Many a time, it is the complete lack of communication that has led to a marriage failing. This usually happens because one of the partners is too dominating or over-expressive. Once this issue has been identified during an online therapy session, the rest is fairly easy.
  • Set Boundaries: Proper grounds are placed and boundaries are planted. This is essential in a case where either of the two or sometimes both have been violating and trespassing ‘the civil lines’. Marriage is an intimate relationship, but it is also important to lay proper grounds and ensure that you do not suffocate.
  • Couple Therapy: The main goal of the online couple’s therapy is to be able to emerge positivity. It is necessary to know that you need help and it is only natural to ask for it from a trusting source. At a reputed website with licensed professionals, your problems are safeguarded.
  • Plan New Goals: Here you are offered foresight, solutions, and exercises to make things work. The beauty in the process is the fact that we as humans want to be loved, and to have a source to assist us in doing so is great. This offers us a ‘new lease in life’ where we are willing to give it a chance to grow.

Benefits Of Online Therapy

As mentioned earlier in the discussion, we are living in an increasingly different time. Today, relationships mean different things to different people. Earlier, it was just a means to procreate and ensure that your bloodline had a future existence. Today, it is more of self-reflection through the mirror of the other person in our lives. Couples are not interested in legacy or generation, they simply want to explore all the realms of their personality. Marriage is simply ‘one of the many’ channels to do so. While the ‘clinical’ aspect of this theory is quite selfish, it, however, is the truth. Love no longer is all about dying for someone,  it is about living together.

While this might sound good, it is complicated. When the expectations of reality entangle with the existing reality, you can get caught in a problem. This is when and where you need online therapy.

  • At these sessions, you grow as an individual. The psychoanalysis of the issue if offered a dimension of change. You get to realize problems you never knew existed in the first place.
  • There also have been times when the couple’s therapy graduated to a ‘single’s session’ when it was diagnosed that the problem was the individuals. This helps a person deal with their traumas and come in terms with their issues. The best part is that there is always room for improvement and online therapy allows just that.
  • The next major benefit is to be able to ‘address the elephant in the room’. Many times, a person is simply not able to express their views due to the fear of offending their spouse. There are also times when the relationship was hanging by the hinges, simply because the partners were too scared to face the issue. With a therapist between the two of you, problems can be well-dealt .
  • These experts know the manners in which an issue arises and how to get hold of them before it spirals out of control. This allows you to walk on a tightrope with a safety net below you.

How To Find Your Online Counselor

Now that you have finally decided upon visiting the therapist, it is necessary to find out the right one. This is not an easy task to take lightly. As you will be trusting someone with the deepest of your secrets, it better be a professional. This brings you to the point where it is necessary to search on the right grounds. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the right kind of help from reliable sources:

  • What Are Your Concerns: The field of online therapy has grown to be a vast one. There are experts for various aspects of issues and the range is huge. This brings you to the point where you need to do your search and research. Sometimes you go to a certain therapist type, only to be diagnosed with a problem that is different from what was expected. This leads you to spend time and energy in searching for another therapist who will help you. So, instead, try and recognize your problem and seek out the help only related to it.
  • The Sessions: Here you get to decide how long or short your sessions need to be. There are times when you do not require the length of time recommended. At the online sessions, you have a considerable amount of control as to how your sessions need to pan-out.
  • The Health Insurance: While you might be considering the use of health insurance for psychotherapy, you need not use it altogether. Try circumventing it for the sessions to be more cost-effective.
  • The Gender Issue: There are times when you would be more comfortable talking about your issues with a certain gender type while choosing a therapist. When opting for the online therapy sessions, it is easy to be able to choose the gender you prefer.
  • The Many Options: The online therapy sessions utilize the channel of video chatting, text, and phones as well. This allows you to choose and evaluate how you would like to proceed with the sessions. Use one or a combination of the various modes as per your requirements.


While ‘Gone Girl’ taught us that marriage is hard work, nevertheless it also showcased the problems in a marriage we wish to conceal. This further leads to more issues and problems. The call of the day is to seek help without feeling ashamed of it. Online therapy is a perfectly normal platform to ask for advice and resolve your issues.

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