How to Help Aging Parents Live More Independently?

As we get older, living independently can often become more of a struggle than it used to be. If you’ve noticed that your parents are struggling to do some of the things that they would normally not need any assistance with, it might be time to see if there is anything that you can do to help them live more independently and stay comfortable. Many seniors would prefer to keep their independence for as long as possible, and we can all agree that having to ask others to help you all the time isn’t always nice. While you want to be there for your parents now more than ever – and help them out as much as you can – sometimes, the best way to do that is to provide them with the tools that they need to retain their independence.

How to Help Aging Parents Live More Independently?

In-Home Care

We all have busy lives and jobs. It’s not feasible to go and see your mom or dad multiple times a day to make sure that they are eating and are able to get on with everyday tasks. If your parent has been having trouble with doing things like getting themselves in and out of the bath or shower, preparing meals or other everyday activities, an in-home caregiver can be a great investment. These are trained caregivers who will focus on spending time with your parent, making sure that they take any medication that they need, helping them with their meals and getting ready, and anything else that they might need assistance with. It can be a great source of support when you’re not there.

Adapt Their Home

If your parent has started having trouble with things like getting up the stairs to go to the bathroom or go to bed, it might be time to consider adapting their home or even moving into a new home altogether, one that is more suitable for them. Bungalows or ground floor apartments are excellent for seniors since everything is on one floor, but if they don’t want to move, speak to them about the possibility of moving their bedroom and bathroom downstairs to make getting around easier. If that’s not possible, a stairlift can be fitted to make it easier for them to get up to the top floors without climbing stairs.

Provide Mobility Tools

It can be very frustrating for seniors who would normally be out and about if they start to have mobility issues and struggle to drive themselves to places or walk very far. Power wheelchairs can be an excellent solution as well different types of e-wheels models. Your parent can use their wheelchair to get to the store, get out in nature, or almost anywhere else that they want to go locally, and they’re really easy to operate with hand controls. Click this link for a good look at high-quality power wheelchairs and compare options to find the best one for your parent.

Consider Assisted Living

Some seniors need more regular care and support, particularly if they have a health condition or have suffered a stroke or heart attack in the past. If you would love to dedicate more time to being there for your mom and dad throughout the day but simply can’t due to other commitments, an assisted living facility can help. These allow seniors more independence than a nursing home; your parent will have their own house or apartment, close by to other seniors in a friendly community. There are caregivers and medical staff on-site around the clock, so if your parent needs support urgently, you can rest assured that somebody will be there.

Nobody wants to lose their independence, and your parents probably feel the same way. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to help them stay independent and enjoy life as they age.

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