How To Recognize The Signs Of Sexual Addiction

Connecting with your partner physically is an instinct. After all, this is how mankind was able to survive for thousands of years. However, who would have known that something as essential as this is related to addiction.

The term Sex Addiction has become a buzzword in the addiction community. We all are aware of alcohol and drug addiction. But, in the last decade, sex addiction has become one of society’s major problems.

Seeing how many people are still unaware of the negative consequences of sex addiction, we have come up with this guide to help them understand what sex addiction is and how it can be treated.

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What Is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction can be considered compulsive engagement in sexual activity without any regard to its negative consequences. Despite how it affects a person’s life, it is interesting to see that DSM has not been listed in their diagnosis list.

Although it is not a life-threatening problem, many people face challenges when they try to seek treatment. And since sex addiction is somewhat unrecognized in the mental health community, it shares very vague treatment criteria.

Sex addiction is similar to other addiction; it changes how the brain works and consider sexual activity to be the only rewarding system. If you or your family member suffers from sex addiction, consult mental health treatment in Austin by VSM Detox.

What Causes Sex Addiction

Well, experts are yet to find the exact cause behind sex addiction. However, there are a whole host of theories around addiction. Some theories might be more concrete than others.

Although there is no concrete evidence, little research has been made to find the underlying cause of sex addiction. The limited data could only offer the following.

  • The person has a strong desire for sexual activities.
  • Being diagnosed with a Relationship Disorder.
  • A person uses sex to cope with stress and anxiety.

Other research also shows that chemicals inside your brain also play a role in sex addiction. When someone one stimulated by sexual activity, it gives them immense joy and happiness.

To experience the same pleasure and joy, they look for opportunities to have sex. Unfortunately, this is where they fall victim to sex addiction.

How To Recognize The Signs Of Sexual Addiction?

People suffering from sexual addiction will go to extreme lengths to hide their twisted behavior. But, if you know what to look for, you will easily spot the signs.

For instance, if someone is acting with secrecy and have a withdrawal behavior, it is possible that they are a sex addict. The secrecy and withdrawal behaviors are to cover the clues of something amiss.

The others signs that show a person is a sex addict are by reading their messages. If their message contains more sexual humor, it points to sex addiction.

While these are only a few signs, below, we have presented a long list of signs for you to filter out the person with sex addiction.

Withdrawal & Mood Swings

As people become too simple-minded with their preoccupation with sex, they become more withdrawn and distant from others. They tend to think about opportunities to feel their addiction.

A person suffering from sex addiction loses the ability to engage with things mentally and becomes physically withdrawn and distant.

Sexual Preoccupation

A person with sex addiction will think about sex constantly.

This is a serious problem as it distracts them from completing their task. You will find them lost in their thoughts from time to time, and most of their conversation will be about sex. In addition, they might frequently masturbate to feel their addiction.

Escalating Sexual Demands

This is one of the easy ways to find whether your partner is addicted to sex. When you find your partner start pacing high sexual demand. This puts the other side under a lot of pressure and makes them feel guilty that they cannot meet the demands.

In addition, the addicted person will be so engulfed in their sexual fantasies and affair that they will no longer show interest in their partners.

Constant Use Of Sexual Humour

People suffering from sex addiction can turn any conversation into sexual humor or references. This is partly a natural reflection of their mind. If you find a person making contact with sexual jokes or references, they only think about sex.

In fact, you can gauge a person’s comfortable level by seeing how severe their sexual jokes go. 

How To Deal With Sexual Addiction?

Although sex addiction is yet to be recognized as an official diagnosis, treatment of sex addiction is similar to that of other addictions. Recommended treatments that are available are as follows:

  • 12-Step Program: You must have heard of the 12 step addiction recovery program. Yes, the same program also comes for treating sex addiction. The 12 step program can be extremely beneficial for those seeking long-term recovery.
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy: This treatment method mostly focuses on treating the patient’s behavior. It helps the person filter out the self-destructive thoughts that might lead them to the wrong path
  • Medication: Specific drug therapy might be used to stop the sex urges from surfacing. However, you need to be careful about what medicine you are using to prevent urges. Because sometimes the medicine can itself transform onto addiction.
  • Art Therapy: Art therapy is used to make the person understand the true essence of feeling and not just chemicals. This method is carried on with the help of art practices. The patients are asked to indulge themselves in painting, sculpting, and collaging. 


There you have it!

Now, you know what sex addiction is and it affects your life. This article has tried to cover everything you need to know about sex addiction. So, you might find some information not too comprehensive.

In that case, if you want to know in detail, feel free to reach out to us simply drop your query in the comment section.

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