Maintaining Health and Wellness During Sobriety

Congratulations on showing up for yourself again. As you navigate sobriety, many mental, emotional, and physical challenges can arise. By positioning yourself to not only succeed, but to thrive, you start telling your body and mind that you’re worth it. Because you are. This momentous shift in mindset and lifestyle through nutritious foods, restorative movement, and protecting your decisions will help your energy, cravings, and belief in yourself.

Maintaining Health and Wellness During Sobriety

Move Your Body

Movement releases the neurotransmitters in your brain that make you feel good. Even just moderate exercise once a day for 20-30 minutes can improve your mood and balance your neurochemicals. Not only that, but regular exercise may relieve migraines, improve breathing, promotes sleep quality, and increase strength and confidence. Yoga is great for restoring muscle, loosening tight spots, and going inward. On top of movement, practicing mindfulness, meditation, and breathing helps you to return to yourself. Taking breaths deep into your belly slows the mind down and helps you focus on the present moment, decrease feelings of anxiety, and find a sense of stability and peace.

Support Your Gut

Your brain and gut are more linked than you might think. The bacteria in your gut affects the health of your brain. By taking prebiotics and probiotics, you can alter the levels of good bacteria in your gut, thereby improving your brain health and mood. You could also consider taking a multivitamin. If counting capsules is triggering to you, there are other ways to receive the nutrients necessary to support you as you detox. Yogurt and sauerkraut, leafy greens and beans, all help with regulating your body, and support your mood and digestion.

Snack Often

Yes! Not only does cooking give you an excuse to pick up a new hobby, but it’s also a beautiful way to show your body that you love it and are committed to honoring your sobriety. Nourish your body with healthy fats — nuts, avocado, coconut and olive oil are so important for the function of your brain. Walnuts, salmon, sardines, and flax seeds are rich with omega-3 fats which helps improve heart and brain health while lessening inflammation and possibly depression. Fish, tofu, and beans are packed with protein for immune cells, neurotransmitters responsible for mood stabilization, and muscles. Making sure that you’re getting enough protein reduces irritability and cravings. This is also true for avoiding sugar, which can cause an imbalance in blood sugar levels, create an unhealthy dependence, and overall doesn’t help to improve your health. Rather than added sugars, try consuming more whole grains and vegetables, fruits and legumes. Eating healthy, nutritious foods every 3-4 hours can help quiet your cravings and heal your body.

Drink Lots of Water

Hydration is the simplest way to rid your body of waste and toxins. Help your body help you. Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring, though — you can brew a new herbal tea, squeeze orange or lemon into an ice water, whatever helps you stay hydrated. As much as you can, steer clear of coffee, as the caffeine can interrupt your sleep cycle and increase anxiety. Mineral waters are your friend. They’re sourced from natural mineral springs and have a high mineral content as well as potassium, iron, calcium, sodium, and magnesium, which are all fantastic for detoxing your body, improving blood circulation, and replacing your body’s electrolytes.

Find Community

When you stay connected and prioritize supporting yourself socially, it’s easier to sustain new habits and sobriety. There are many options here, including joining a 12 Step group, The Summit Wellness Group, spiritual recovery fellowships, etc. By connecting with like-minded people, you can learn alongside friends and have additional support, accountability, and encouragement. This also makes the process more fun — you have more people who would be willing to join you on walks, going for tea, or another healthy activity!

Your mindset is everything as you put into place new habits and lifestyle adaptations. Focusing on your shift in perspective of committing to a healthier you takes practice and patience. Feel empowered by every small moment and victory that takes you closer to a more vibrant and fulfilled life and self. You deserve to live through this renewal and transformation fully, healthily, and happily.

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