How Practice Management Software Can Help You Take Better Care of Patients

On average, how much time do you spend with each patient versus the amount of paperwork it takes to schedule a visit? Recent studies found that each physician spends around 5 to 10 minutes with each patient and they have about 20 patients within an 8-hour shift. This means that you’re spending less than half of your shift on actual patient care and the rest of the time on paperwork and other office functions.

Practice Management Software Can Help You Take Better Care of Patients

Practice management software is revolutionizing the way doctors handle and manage their time with patients. Wouldn’t it be nice to take back more of your day and focus on more important issues instead of work like scheduling, insurance claims, and medical notes?

More Time Equals Better All-Around Care

You didn’t become a doctor to do paperwork, you became a doctor to help people live healthier and better lives. But here you are, cramped behind a desk capturing patient demographics, scheduling appointments, ordering for the office, and staying on top of insurance as well as generating daily reports, the list goes on and on.

You could pay a full medical staff, each with the special skill required to cover each needed area, or you could use a single PMS(Practice Management Software) to save time and money without omitting the quality of the care you offer.

Automation is a Real Lifesaver

How is it possible? Technology is advancing every moment and it has become especially helpful in the medical and other fields as they are now able to use cloud-based systems to stay on top of business needs. By streamlining all of the paperwork and becoming a more digitally advanced office, you can combine all the work involved with sustaining your practice and patients into one simple task of pressing a button.

So what does automation actually mean? What are the different things you can have done automatically?

There is no one answer to that question because it depends on the needs of your practice. However, here is a shortlist of just a few of the most common areas that you can use practice management software in your clinic.

  • Keeping up with patient records, such as health records, family history, previous diagnosis, etc.
  • Medical billing and collections.
  • Providing an easier way to schedule and reschedule clients to keep the business going more efficiently.
  • Inputting patient notes into a collaborative online system in order to easily send referrals, labs, and prescriptions.

Help More Patients

Once your medical facility is uploaded into an online cloud-based platform, imagine all the extra time that you’ll have on your hands to take care of patients. Also, it allows you time to devote to how you can improve or grow your practice. You can now devote more of yourself to the areas you may have been neglecting, like getting to know your office staff. You can get feedback on what your patients think about your care by issuing a patient satisfaction survey or even consider offering extra services you normally wouldn’t have the ability to.

The sky is the limit when you choose to make the switch to the right integration software. With great options like Kareo available, you can be on your way to upgrading the way you do business as well as providing the best possible care for your clients.

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