Rule of Nines: Burn Percentage in Adults and Child

The Rule of Nines determines the percentage of burns which is useful to direct treatment solution choices such as fluid resuscitation and will become a part of the ideas to figure out transport to a burning part. Rules of nines is a strategy of estimating the degree of burn, expressed as a percentage of overall body surface area.

rule of nines rule of nines definition rule of 9 burns child Wallace rule of nine rule of nine in burns images rule of nines adults rule of nines adults Using this approach, the whole body is separated into segments of 9 per cent, as well as multiples of 9 per cent, each: head and neck, 9 per cent; anterior trunk area, 18 per cent; posterior trunk area, 18 per cent; upper limbs, 18 per cent; lower limbs, 36 per cent; genitalia and perineum, 1 per cent. The rules of nines are adequate about adults but limits for differences in percentage in children, for that the Lund and Browder classification is generally used.

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What is the Rule of Nines (Definition) 

Rules of nines: A strategy practiced in calculating entire body area involved with burns, wherein values of 9% 18% of area are allotted to areas in the adult the following: Head and neck, 9%; anterior thorax, 18%; posterior thorax, 18%; arms, 9% each; legs, 18% each; and perineum, 1%.

Rules of Nine Burns in Child

The ‘Rule of 9’s’ approach is very imprecise for estimating the burnt area in young children simply because the infant or young child’s head, as well as lower extremities, signify different percentages of the area as compared to a fully grown. Burns above 15% in an adult, over 10% in the child, or even any specific burn taking place in the still very young or older are dangerous.

Wallace Rules of Nine

The Wallace Rule of Nines is useful in approximating the percentage of a patient that is burned.   It smears a percent of Body Surface Area, repeatedly a multiple of 9, for various parts of the body as follows:

  • 9% Entire head
  • 9% Complete left arm
  • 9% Complete right arm
  • 9% Entire chest
  • 9% Entire abdomen
  • 18% Complete back
  • 1% Groin
  • 18% Complete left leg
  • 18% Complete right leg

rule of nines rule of nines definition rule of 9 burns child Wallace rule of nine rule of nine in burns images rule of nines adults rule of nines adults

Rules of Nine in Adults

The rules of nines determine the % of burns that are familiar with benefit direct remedy choices including fluid resuscitation and turns out to be a part of the ideas to figure out transmit to a burn area.
You might approximate the entire body area on a matured adult that has already been burned by applying multiples of 9. An adult which has been burned, the % of the entire body related could be computed as below:

For example, when both the hands (18% x 2 = 36%), the groin (1%) along with the front chest (9%) and abdominal area (9%) were burned, this could involve 55% of the entire body.

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