The Healthcare Business: The Best PPC Strategies for Dentists

Dentists often stress the importance of oral health care, but the truth is that visiting the dentist is not a priority for most people. Many remember their dentists only if there’s a toothache or a cavity. Some go to the dentist for dental cleanings or fillings, procedures mostly done during our most convenient times.

If you’re a dentist and want to promote dental hygiene and oral health, you can’t rely on your local clinic. You need to extend your reach and lead your clients to your dental office using the most effective digital marketing strategies.

The Healthcare Business: The Best PPC Strategies for Dentists

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Why PPC for Dentists?

Digital Authority Partners said that dentists could benefit so much from well-formulated PPC ads. PPC advertising is a digital marketing strategy that can help dental practitioners connect with their target audience. These people are more likely to click on their ads, accept their offers, and visit their clinics.

Dental PPC ads can improve visibility through search engine results. Factors such as intention, location, and other variables can affect visibility. PPC ads can produce accurate results from quality keywords more quickly than search engine optimization (SEO).

Finally, dentists, especially those still recovering from pandemic lockdowns, will find dental PPC a very cost-efficient strategy. They don’t need to spend so much money on traditional ads with PPC. They pay only when someone clicks on their ad.

Businesses can use PPC ads for any marketing campaign. Dentists can use PPC to promote their services, announce a new location, highlight dental products, and many more.

You’ll find PPC ads in many places on the web. But the most popular and most influential are ads placed on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

PPC ads are at the top of the first page of Google search results. Because of the ads’ location, interested people can easily click on them to be directed to a website landing page. It’s hard to ignore PPC ads in search engine results, and this type of ad is what we will focus more of.

Top PPC Ads Strategies Best for Dentists

To make the most out of your PPC ad campaigns, use the following strategies:

Create PPC Ads Using High-quality Keywords

All successful PPC ad campaigns start by carefully selecting the right dental keywords. For PPC ads featured on SERPs, the right keywords will bring you better results each time.

Dentists have a wide selection of quality keywords for their campaigns. But they must use keywords that best target their audience. They must choose keywords that their audience will likely use while searching for their business.

Here are some PPC keyword strategies to live by:

Go Local

If your dental office is in a large city, you’ll likely have plenty of competition. Using localized keywords in your PPC ads can target people who need your services in your neighborhood, community, or city.

Adding your location to your PPC keywords also makes it easier for people to find you and make a good decision if they want to take your services. So instead of just using generalized terms, use “San Diego dental services” or “dental clinic in San Diego” in your PPC ad campaigns.

Highlight Your Specialization

Like other medical professionals, dentists have dental specializations that they can use to enhance their PPC strategies. The key is to highlight your expertise, include this in your ad and attract more customers.

Customers instill trust in businesses that appear on the first page of Google search engine results. Thus, advertisements that post about your quick and painless extractions will get more clicks than ads using generalized keywords such as “extractions” or “dental clinics.”

Use Encouraging Keywords

Overall, it’s entirely up to your audience if they want to click on your ads. You should always aim to impress your audience using descriptive words.

Consider people’s fear of visiting the dentist and use words such as “painless” or “pain-free” to refer to your services. Take note of costly dental procedures and use terms such as “affordable” or “cost-efficient” to describe dental procedures.

Remember Proper Keyword Placement

Where you place your keywords also affects PPC success. A PPC ad consists of the title and the body of the ad. Use your keyword in the ad title and short description. Use your keywords in your landing page title to complement your PPC ads.

Improve Your PPC Campaign Structures

Stay organized to easily handle budgeting, enhance quality scores, optimize your ad account, and create a standout web copy. You should adopt a campaign structure that best supports your marketing goals.

If you have more than one clinic located in the city, it’s best to create location-specific campaigns. Your locations may have different goals, services, products, and budgets, so these locations will likely have varied audiences.

Consider these tips to organize your campaigns:

  • Group your business locations in one account. This will allow you to share your data from all your campaigns easily.
  • Develop campaigns for your branded terms and separate campaigns for non-branded terms.
  • Provide the best information for your clients by segmenting your keywords according to the funnel stage.

Try Call-only PPC Ad Campaigns

Instead of taking your customers to your landing page, you can create PPC ads that will immediately call your business phone number when clicked. This is an efficient way to lead your audience to your actual business quickly.

Also, this considers people who need immediate solutions to their concerns. If you want to get rid of an aching tooth, will you still have time to go through ads and web pages?

Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions help people get to know more about your business. Instead of just your ad title and a few lines for the ad description, you can extend your ad space and reveal more info about your business.

Several ad extensions apply to dentists. There are location extensions, affiliate locations, call extensions, message extensions, callout extensions, price extensions, review extensions, and promotion extensions.

Final Words

Dental PPC ads can change how you target customers online and drive more traffic to your website. Consider these dental business marketing tips, and you’re on the road to helping more people understand and value oral and dental health.

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