The Rise of Urgent Care Industry: 20 Facts You Should Know

An urgent care center focuses on providing treatments for problems or illnesses that need immediate attention. You can call them walk-in clinics but they are not concerned with emergencies. Be it fractures or any other injuries, an urgent care clinic can help you out but if you need tuberculosis to be treated, you should go to a hospital. Hospitals are now opening an increased number of urgent care clinics after experiencing the comfort patients get with the immediate medication.

The Rise of Urgent Care Industry: 20 Facts You Should Know

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Things you should know about urgent care centers

There are a lot of things that people do not know about these centers but with the rise in the urgent care industry, here are 20 things that might interest you.

Perfect Room to Get Attention

The emergency rooms of hospitals are always filled with patients and most of them are not really emergencies. Just to get an immediate response, people are found at the ERs of these medical facilities. Urgent care centers provide treatments to any patient who visits. Since there are no emergency rooms, there is no chance that a patient gets a headache cured before the bleeding one.

Major Illnesses Handled

A patient does not have to wait in the line or go straight to the emergency room for getting cured. An urgent care center provides all the necessary treatments. From x-rays to blood tests and fractures, the doctors at these walk-in clinics provide all the treatments with the same dedication as that at the hospital.

Knowledgeable Doctors

You do not have to be conscious while going to an urgent care center because the doctors have the same level of expertise as the one in a hospital. Their qualification is the same, and there is no question about their abilities. The only difference lies in the place where they are treating the patients.

Keep it Low on the Pocket

If you compare the charges you pay at the hospital and the doctor’s fee at the urgent care center, there is a big difference. You save a lot of money if you go to an urgent care center. You keep a steady hand on the pocket and get the same treatment as that of a hospital. A 2016 study showed that emergency room treatments cost ten times more than an urgent care center treatment.

Save Time with Urgent Care Centers

You actually save a lot of time at an urgent care clinic. You go to the clinic and get yourself treated in no time. The waiting time is less than half an hour if there are a lot of patients. At the hospital, you have to wait for some time and then the doctor takes at least 40 minutes to treat you. Why spend an hour at the hospital when you can be treated in just 15 minutes at an urgent care center?

No Appointment Hassles

Be free from all the hassles of getting an appointment and getting to the hospital on time. Go whenever you find it convenient to an urgent care clinic. Get yourself treated in no time and get back home.

More Urgent Care Clinics Around You

The Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA) reports that there are at least 7,100 urgent care centers in the United States. Around 22 percent of those are owned by the hospitals, 15 percent are joint ventures, whereas 19 percent are owned by the corporate sector. According to the surveys, the urgent care sector will grow by 6 percent in the next year. It means that you already have a lot of walk-in clinics in your vicinity and a lot more are popping up every day. Now you have easy access to the best medical treatments.

Treat it Before it Gets Too Late

The urgent care centers are opened for your convenience. You can go any time you want and get treated. Do not wait for coughs and flu to turn into something bigger. Get them treated right away at an urgent care clinic. A study was conducted by the Health Affairs Department in 2010 that showed that 13 to 27 percent of the emergency visits at the hospital can be easily handled at an urgent care center.

The Rise in Urgent Care Centers

The benefits of urgent care centers have led to another industry by the name of the urgent care industry. It is a growing market with different researches and surveys being conducted. Consumer Reports conducted different surveys and according to the reports, the urgent care clinics have increased from 6,400 in 2014 to 8,100 in 2018. In 2019, general reports have shown a rise in the number of these clinics.

Successful Investment Plan

Investors are seeking chances to invest in the rapidly growing urgent care industry. The business earns a maximum profit every year. According to the Reuters Reports, private firms invested $4 billion in 2012 while $3.5 billion in 2011.

Why Invest in Urgent Care Industry?

Patients are always in need of ease and comfort. The urgent care clinics have become the easiest way for them to get treatment. Being a businessman, you need to see the profit before investing anywhere and after giving a read to the recent surveys and researches, different reports have proved that the urgent care industry has significant profit and investments will not become a loss for an investor. If you are searching for a progressing market to invest in, you should choose the urgent care industry. Here are a few things that can help you get a better perspective about investing in this profitable industry and an idea about how to start your own urgent care business.

Choose an Appropriate Location

An urgent care center can be anywhere in town. You can start the business in a mall or retail store too. Just be sure about how the location will affect your business statistics. You can consider these points while selecting a location: There is no hospital nearby. Some renowned hospital is not planning to start a clinic. It is in the center of the area so that people find it convenient to come to your clinic.

Effective Planning is a MUST!

The most important thing about starting a business is the idea and how you plan it. An effective plan is really necessary because you will need to convince people that your business idea is worth the risk. Once you get all the board of directors and stockholders on board, the plan will help you initiate the business. Make sure you plan out everything before talking to anyone about the idea.

Financial Aspect

If you are planning on investing in the business entirely on your own, all situations are your own. But if you need investors, you need to be careful in the finance department. If you have an effective plan, consult private firms, banks, and other financial institutions. Share your plan and convince them that your idea will work. Things are easier when it comes to the urgent care industry because the investors are already aware of the profit this industry is making.

Reorganize the Plan

Once you have investors ready, you can go for market research. This will help you gather more information and you can reorganize the plan. Now you can have the investments planned out to perfection as well. Maybe your area has a lot of urgent care clinics and you need to find a different area. Maybe you might feel a desperate need to aware people first and then establish the clinic. The market research will help you out with all this and you can make changes in the plan easily.

Build Strategies

After a planned business, you need strategies. Goals, aims, objectives, vision, and mission are important. Do comprehensive strategic planning for your business before you finally turn it into a reality.

Hire People

After planning and investments, hire people to work at the clinic. Be very careful in this area because you are a startup and overstaffing will be a loss for you. Start with a few people like two to three workers, a front desk officer, and one or two doctors. Gradually increase the count when the business grows and reaches a maturity stage.

Don’t Add Unnecessary Services

For a startup, you need to be sure about the services you can provide. Do not add in a lot of services like all sorts of blood tests, x-rays, etc. Start with a few basic ones because the more services you add, the more staff you need and that can be a loss for you.

Use the Latest Technology

In the modern era, technology is used in every sector including health. Pick a few services but use the latest technology for them. It will reduce the effort labor has to put in and the patients will be attracted too. You can find out more about investing in the urgent care industry here.

Check Out Statistics of the Past Year

Not just limited to the urgent care industry but every entrepreneur should go through the statistics of the chosen market. Thorough research on the stats will make it easier for you to decide whether you should start a business or not. Do not decide in a second but do comprehensive research and analysis. You will be sure that the business will earn profit and it is worth the shot. If you have gone through the statistics, you can compel the investors easily as well.

The Final Thought

Becoming an entrepreneur seems like a walk in the park. It does become one but only after you have gathered sufficient information and if you have an analytical mind. Before investing in any industry, make sure that you have done thorough research about it and plan everything out in advance.

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