The U.S. Is More Interested In Holistic Health Than Ever Before

Holistic health is an alternative means of treatment, a varying option to the conventional approach. Holistic health considers the body as a whole and sees gaining proper balance to life as the way to optimal health. It is believed that the human body is made up of interdependent parts if the function of one part is affected then the whole body is affected. Hence, if there is an imbalance to the emotional, mental or physical well-being of a person, it affects his overall balance.

The beauty of holistic health is that it incorporates conventional medicine, diet, exercise, environmental measures, attitude and lifestyle modifications which not only look to cure the patient's current illness but prevent its future occurrence by introducing non-invasive remedies and improving an individual's life force. This is why the US is taking a specific interest in holistic health as it has a huge chance of reducing health casualties.

Holistic health is, in fact, a lifestyle as it helps patients take responsibility for their own health. This is cost-effective on the part of the government and the more reason the US government is more interested in it. Another reason the government is looking in this direction is that it makes individuals more proactive and take steps to better their life, hence reducing the rate of future chronic illness.

Statistics show that in the past year, 4 in 10 adults have received holistic health therapy, the industry has made a stunning $18 billion and has 226,947 registered businesses. It has seen an average growth rate of 3.7% in the past 5 years and has employed a whopping 297,395 people. Impressively, people with higher education use holistic health care as an average of 47% of Bachelor’s and Master's degree holders have used this therapy before. 

The beauty of holistic health is that it is tailored specifically to address the issue of every individual uniquely and one care routine that emphasizes this is holistic cannabis medicine. The holistic cannabis medicine can be specifically customized to address various ramifications of the body and mind. It is used for individuals with sleep issues, anxiety, and chronic pain.

This dynamic discovery coupled with the efficacy has led to a boom in the cannabis industry in the US, of which Oklahoma is at its forefront. Oklahoma's marijuana program has exploded, 5% of its population has their medical marijuana card, which essentially makes them more receptive to holistic cannabis medicine. These are some reasons why the US is prioritizing holistic health than ever before

Rising Healthcare Costs

The astronomical rate at which healthcare costs skyrocket is a reason Americans would hope to seek alternative healthcare. There is an expected increase of 5.5% per year over the next decade. This rapid increase in price can be ascribed to population growth, aging, disease prevalence, medical service utilization, and service price. The service price was seen to be the biggest factor and the rise in pharmaceutical drugs was the biggest culprit.

An increase in chronic illness is another key indicator of the increase in healthcare costs. Diabetes has been identified as the biggest illness taking $44.4 billion from the $64.4 billion increase. Other illnesses include low back and neck pain, high cholesterol, depression among others. Interestingly you would find out that holistic health care as the solution to these illnesses because it essentially buoys down to lifestyle.

Distrust Of Pharmaceutical Companies

This is naturally a spin of the rise in healthcare costs, statistics show that trust in pharmaceuticals has hit an all-time low as it dropped from 51% to 38% in the US. There is a growing notion that the pharmaceuticals put profit ahead of people, and this doesn't sit so well with consumers. The distrust in the Affordable Care Act, the opium epidemic, pricing, and access is solely responsible for this. All this and more show why holistic health care is the most viable option available.

Holistic Approach Targets Source

As compared to the orthodox method of medicine which seeks to alleviate the current symptoms, holistic health care goes beyond the symptoms and addresses the root cause of the problem. It focuses on the whole individual it encourages remedies that focus on lifestyle habits. Thus, healing for the symptoms come even faster. This, in turn, leads to better overall well-being. 

Focus On Diet

Some of the illnesses whose cost of treatment increased the most include diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. If you look critically at these illnesses you'd discover that for so many individual cases, having the right information about diet could have changed the whole dynamics of things. This is where holistic health comes in as it advocates for more whole foods to improve health conditions.

Vital Knowledge On Self Is Acquired

Holistic health helps individuals take more responsibility for their health by following a healthy lifestyle which enables them to understand themselves better. Knowledge of how the body functions and how to achieve the best results with our bodies. Since holistic health is highly customized and tailored to each individual it is easier to learn areas of the body lacking the most and how to fuel such using a holistic approach such as herbs, acupuncture, homeopaths, and vitamins.

Interest Justified

The US interest in holistic health is more than justified as it focuses on discovering, healing, nourishing, soothing and improving human health to give that overall life balance, which goes beyond just treating an illness but as become a lifestyle.