Tips for Choosing the Right Insurance for Yoga Teachers

So, you’ve undergone training and obtained a certificate for training yoga. Congrats! It’s normal to feel excited about this achievement. But, before you start teaching yoga to earn money, remember to cover yourself against the risks involved in this profession. So, start by shopping for the best insurance.

Tips for Choosing the Right Insurance for Yoga Teachers

According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), the total number of injuries that required emergency medical treatment has been on the rise for the last 5 years. It’s estimated that about 5,000 people sustain injuries while practising yoga every year. This number could be higher since the statistics only account for the individuals that visit emergency rooms.  Yoga insurance shields instructors from unfortunate eventualities in their line of duty.

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What is Yoga Teacher Insurance?

Yoga teacher insurance is liability coverage for yoga instructors. When you get yoga teacher insurance from Next Insurance, for instance, it covers you from liability that may arise in your line of duty. Perhaps, you may assume that you don’t need this insurance because you have liability insurance. Well, liability insurance does not cover you from all relevant risks. This insurance coverage will only take care of your students if they get hurt during yoga classes.

Here are two categories of yoga Teacher insurance

  • General Liability Insurance- This protects you from liability claims for bodily injury and property damage within your premises. It may also include coverage for personal and advertising injury claims.
  • Professional Liability Insurance- It’s also called errors and omissions insurance. This covers you if your professional service leads to physical or financial harm of your client.

When it comes to buying this yoga teacher insurance, there are several things to know. Here are tips to guide you when buying yoga teacher insurance.

Does it Cover Your Services?

There are different styles of yoga practiced in different yogi schools. They include ANUSARA, ASHTANGA, BIKRAM, and HATHA. If you teach a style that’s not within the known styles, it’s wise to see if it is included in the insurance policy that you purchase. Also, if you combine several practices like yoga, massage therapy, and Reiki practice, find out if the plan covers them all.

Compare Insurance Rates

For a qualified yoga instructor, insurance rates vary greatly between different companies. As a result, it’s important to shop around before settling for an insurer. Don’t assume that the most expensive rates translate to better services and will give you the better coverage. To get the best deal on your yoga teacher insurance, check rates against what is covered. Above all, choose a policy that is tailored to suit your specific needs.

The Extent of Coverage

It’s important to know what exactly is covered by the plan you purchase. For instance, if you buy yoga teacher insurance from Next Insurance, find out what it covers. You might have students that take private classes in their homes. You may also intend to take part in events and workshops. The policy you choose, therefore, should cover you in all places where you offer your services, and not just in your yoga studio.

Members Benefits

There are few membership benefits of getting a yoga insurance. These are features that make them stand out. For instance, an insurance policy can cover a yoga teacher from stolen property. This is important because not all students are trustworthy. Some can steal equipment while you are busy training others.  

Age Bracket of Your Students

Clients aged 65 years and above are at a higher risk of sustaining injuries while practicing yoga. So, if you intend to instruct older clients, get professional liability insurance. What’s more, adapt more graceful styles to reduce injury risk among your clientele.

Get Peer Recommendations

Talk to other yoga teachers in your area. Experienced instructors have faced many situations in their line of duty. That means they know the best ways to protect themselves and their businesses. Additionally, they can guide you in combining different insurance policies to ensure maximum protection.

Seek Professional Advice

Most insurance companies have professionals that guide clients when selecting the policies to buy. If unsure about the right policy for you, talk to these professionals. Ask as many questions as possible to make an informed decision. The internet is also packed with information on different insurance-related topics. You can even find professional reviews of different insurance companies and policies online. You can even research and buy yoga teacher insurance from Next Insurance and other online insurance portals that are known to provide quality service.

In a nutshell, yoga teacher insurance protects the instructor and their business against claims that may arise from their operations. What’s more, this insurance gives your yoga business credibility. Nevertheless, you need to choose the right policy for your business to ensure maximum protection.

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