Wellbutrin High: Minimizing the Abuse

Wellbutrin is the brand name of Bupropion which is a clinically prescribed anti-depressant and smoking cessation aid drug. It centralizes its works in the brain and can be used to cure MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). On the top of all these, it is also an “off-labeled” prescription for Bipolar disorder, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and sometimes anxiety. Although, it is an effective medicine per se but is popularized as an add-on medicine used with other first-line SSRI Anti-depressants. Originally, in 1985 FDA (Food and Drug Association) approved the medicine as an anti-depressed but later in 1986, in amidst a high frequency of seizure cases reported due to the intake of this drug it was withdrawn from the market.

Wellbutrin High

Since the seizures were caused due to the originally prescribed dosage of 400-600 mg per day, in 1989 again, the drug was given a clean chit with a reduced daily consumption and warnings.

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Composition of Wellbutrin

Chemically, Bupropion is part of the groups of aminoketones and is structurally similar to stimulants like cathinone, phenethylamines, and amfepramone in most cases. Bupropion Hydrochloride – 150Mg is the active ingredient which Wellbutrin is composed of. (The ingredients may vary with various strengths). The elimination half-life of the drug is 12-30 hours.

Uses of Wellbutrin

  • As mentioned above, Wellbutrin is widely used to treat depression primarily. The shreds of evidence have shown that it is efficient in the treatment of clinical depression much likely in the efficiency range of several other popular drugs in the same field, including Fluoxetine(Prozac) and Paroxetine (Paxil).
  • Smoking Cessation: Wellbutrin is known to be an effective aid in smoking cessation as it can help in reducing the nicotine craving to a remarkable limit. It works with the smokers who have no history of clinical depression beforehand. The usual Bupropion treatment of quitting smoking lasts up to twelve weeks and it doubles the possibilities of a patient quitting smoking. It has been deemed as more effective than Nicotine Replacement Therapy and thus can easily replace it.
  • Few doctors prescribe Wellbutrin off-label also for anxiety disorders, more importantly when a patient has both anxiety and depression.
  • ADHD- ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is another mental disorder in which Wellbutrin shows a promising effect as a second line medicine. It has shown genuine results for both Children as well as minors. In studies conducted, children’s teachers have stated that the aggressiveness and hyperactivity in them have been reduced to a greater extent in comparison to the placebo effect.
  • The patients who have an active sexual life are into Wellbutrin since it has less or very less effect of sexual dysfunction. All of the other antidepressants have sexual dysfunction as a major side effect.
  • Many users have exploited its weight loss effect into a treatment for obesity. It has definitely shown better results over the placebo treatment.
  • It is still under consideration as to whether or not the drug can be used in Bipolar Disorder treatment as it has an impeccable mood stabilizing effect.

Side Effects of Wellbutrin

Unlike other anti-depressants, Wellbutrin doesn’t show side effects such as sexual dysfunction, sleepiness or weight gain. Instead of weight gain, a common after effect of the drug is weight loss. But one of the major side effects of the drug is increased the risk of Epileptic Seizure which is exhibited by every 1 in 1000 patients.

Every 1 in 10 patients experiences more susceptible effects such as restlessness, hypertension,  tremor, shaking, weakness, chest pain, dizziness, fever sweating, weakness and tiredness, anxiety and agitation, and feeling nauseated frequently.

It was reported that a small number of children who were taking this drug for depression treatment grew suicidal and experienced a higher suicide drive than those who did not use Wellbutrin for depression treatment.

Wellbutrin High

You are never advised to consume Wellbutrin without the guidance of a health expert, originally because of its varied side effects. But according to the recent news in countries like Canada and Ontario, the drug has been abused to a huge limit so as to create a condition Wellbutrin High which is similar to any high caused by a drug. High is recognized by a general state of the tremendous rush of feeling and a sudden feeling of elation. While all these are the positive aspects of Highs, in most of the cases, it interfered with your mental and cognitive abilities making it cumbersome to distinguish between the unreal and vivid. It interferes with one’s work and personal life and is thus widely criticized the practice.

Reasons why Wellbutrin is used for High:

It is comparatively much cheaper than any other drug: cocaine or amphetamines.

The after effects you get after intake of the drug such as dizziness creates an abode for the fuelling of a euphoric rush.

Depression, ADHD or anxiety patients possess the drug in loads of amount and thus can easily access them anytime. Moreover, these patients have an unnatural craving for momentary elation and relaxation due to their high mental and physical unrest.

Whereas, Zyban, the drug used for smoking cessation is also very much abused due to the relief and euphoric craving by smokers.

Originally, the drugs come in form of control- released pills which allow a gradual progress and mixing of the drugs into the blood mainstream but when crushed and then snorted, they wipe out the slow release mechanism of it and thus a gush of feelings are activated due to drug’s hustled flow.

What does Wellbutrin High feel like?

You can know the real nature of a drug high caused by the experiences reported by the users and thus coming to the statement of a user, he says that the feelings are experienced in a gradual amount of time but the crack like high is obtained.
Also that he has actually obtained cocaine like high a dozen times. The remaining times, he just felt like he was on a high dose of caffeine enough to keep him alert for the most part of day.

And it takes around 10-12 pills to experience the actual drag like effect or else you could become a victim of the disastrous side effects like restlessness, sleeplessness, sweating and panicking.

How long does Wellbutrin High last?

Users say that it actually takes 10-15 days to start showing effects again after you have had a speedy rush initially. If you are on an overdose (say 10-12 pills of 150 mg each) you are much likely to suffer from the after-effects for a few days. The effects may be noticeable for a few days but may become intrinsic with the normal behavior gradually in coming weeks if not taken care of.

Is Wellbutrin High Serious?

Yes, like any other high caused by a drug it indeed is serious. As mentioned above the drugs come in form of control- released pills which allows a gradual progress and mixing of the drugs into the blood mainstream but when crushed and then snorted, they wipe out the slow release mechanism of in and thus high rush of this drug inflow is definitely not a good thing. It has more or less same effects such as taking meth or Cocaine drag when consumed in terms or pills.

But when it is injected, it is very malignant because they contain fillers and a few other ingredients which are supposed to be processed by the digestive tract.

It has been estimated that on a methadone program at The Works in Canada, out of 75 people, half of them tried injecting Wellbutrin. On the top of that, since the drug is readily available in prison it is also misused by the convicts as a high substance.

Casualties of the Wellbutrin

 As mentioned numerous times in the above lines, an overdose of Wellbutrin can lead to epileptic seizures.

Also, when injected there is seen a steady rise in the skin embolism or abscesses, collapsed veins and clogged arteries. When the drug is injected form reaches the bloodstream it leads to a necrotizing and tissue- destroying effect which can even lead to sudden death.

A case was seen in which a massive chest infection was seen and it refused to heal itself because the user had been injecting Wellbutrin into her sternum.

Also when the injection goes wrong, for instance, say necks, it can lead to immediate death and a case was reported by the Global News about the same.

If taken for a long duration, it has been derived from the users that it led to massive paranoia, intense hallucinations, homicidal tendency, psychosis, hostility and aggressiveness, and recurring suicidal thought. Most of the users left it when their anxiety or restlessness went at the peak.

Prevention and Treatment of Wellbutrin High

First and foremost thing to be taken in account is not to use this drug until and unless you have had a thorough check up of your medical history. It should be taken care that a physician is always there to guide you.

Since Wellbutrin is a non-addictive drug, it is not required to treat the drug-seeking behavior. The main advantages that Wellbutrin High has over cocaine high that it is not habit forming, nonetheless, if a patient has had an overdose they are likely to exhibit seizure, panic attacks and collapsing.

In that case, they should immediately be rushed to the hospital where they will be rehydrated and their temperature will be controlled.


So herewith you can conclude that Wellbutrin is a very effective second line and non-addictive drug with numerous uses and benefits with least possible side effects (Major side-effect- Seizure) when used judiciously. But the phenomenon of Wellbutrin High caused due to an overdose of the drug can have lethal effects resulting in death and hence it should be avoided to the most possible extent. When extremely fatal, the patient should immediately be rushed to the hospital and given the appropriate treatment.

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