Who Should Use an Insulin Pump?

Diabetes is a massive health problem in the United States, with millions of Americans suffering from this potentially deadly disease. Thankfully, a variety of treatment methods have been established that can help people live with this disorder.

One of the most popular examples is a diabetes insulin pump, an amazing treatment method that can feed insulin to someone who needs it.

Who Should Use an Insulin Pump?

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What is a diabetes insulin pump?

An insulin pump is a small device, installed by a doctor, that can feed a person insulin 24 hours a day. It can essentially automate large swaths of diabetes care.

It requires special installation by a doctor. It is, quite literally, a needle that goes into your stomach. That needle is connected to a device that will regularly test your body’s needs for insulin. It will then automatically adjust the levels of insulin that you need and feed you insulin through the tube appropriately.

It may sound uncomfortable, but most people wind up completely forgetting that the pump is even installed. The device itself is relatively small – usually no bigger than a wallet – and can fit securely on your belt.

What are the Benefits of this Pump?

An insulin pump comes with numerous and very significant benefits. These include:

  • Insulin therapy is automated and customized, and people no longer have to guess how much insulin they may need. The computer on your pump will automatically determine how much insulin you need.
  • Finger sticks and manually injecting yourself with insulin becomes a thing of the past.
  • The pump is typically more accurate than other forms of blood sugar testing.
  • Determining your insulin doses for meals, snacks and drinks becomes much, much easier.

Who should use it?

An insulin pump is not for everyone, as it can be an expensive device and requires maintenance. Furthermore, while it will largely automate the insulin process, you still have to keep an eye on the device and make sure it is functioning appropriately.

However, for many, the pump is very appropriate. For example, people who have frequently changing blood sugar levels, or who have digestion issues, may find that the pump makes their lives much easier, as it automatically changes the rate of insulin that your body needs. People who are constantly having low blood sugar issues may find that the pump makes their life easier as well. If you are tired of constant finger sticks to test your glucose levels, you may find that the pump makes your life much easier.

However, conversely, you have to be comfortable with the idea of a thin needle being in your stomach at all times. Most pump recipients find that they get used to the pump after some time, but it does require a level of comfort that not everyone will have.

A diabetes pump can make your life much easier. It is not for everyone, but in many circumstances, it can be greatly beneficial in helping people with diabetes better manage their illness.

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