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All Health Post is an online community blog in which we let people to publish their Guest Blogs and become a part of it. dedicated to present the information relating to the latest overall health trends. All Health Post blog lets everybody to present their words in the way of Guest Post.

Write For Us | { Health, Diseases, Fitness } - Submit your Guest Post Welcome to All Health Post. now you can Submit your Guest Post by Reading our Write for Us Guidelines. Submit your Post on Given Email Id and Get Visible.

Guest posting is absolutely nothing but spreading your posting in different blog websites that you do not operate or run. Guest posting is a perfect solution for exchanging your thoughts, because it really helps to acquire a lot more online visibility for your content creation. Guest Blogging will not just allow you to share your thoughts, but additionally you are helping various other blog owners by delivering certain significant articles in the way of content. As you already know each and every website has their own personal guest post guidelines. As an integral part of this, we do have certain specific guidelines

Guidelines for Submitting Guest Post

Article Length:

A competently explored informative post with above 1500+ words will likely be significant resource for always keep a healthy lifestyle viewers as well as for the search engines. Therefore ensure the article fulfills the minimum terms together with Meaningful Result.

Article Topic:

Selecting an appropriate subject which is most related to the blog is very important elements which will help your article go live faster. Therefore make sure the article is related to our blog categories.


Topics which are associated with

  • Health
  • Diseases
  • Diet
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Fitness
  • Weight Loss

and also Physical activity will probably be fantastic resource. Make sure you never send us that are completely unrelated posts. Mainly because Unrelated posts will never be posted.

External Link:

It’s okay to drop a link back to your own blog if it’s relevant to your content. We only allow one Do-follow Link and It Should be Relevant and must be pointing to your blog.

Sell Stuff:

Don’t use a guest post to advertise or promote any commercial site or any company’s product as it comes under advertising section. if you are looking for a sponsored post opportunity, then please mail us at allhealthpost78@gmail.com with Subject name “Sponsored and Advertisement”


Powerful, and optimistic; If you want good examples simply just Read our previously published articles on allhealthpost.com

Write For Readers:

Write in a way that conveys your own character and words. This way individual can far better hook up the author.

Make Readers Friendly:

Design your Article by providing headings, subheadings as well as give bold letters for important terms. Make use of bullets points wherever needed.


Visuals are most significant element of Guest Post which will catch the attention of any viewers. Therefore make sure you include related pictures, Infographics, video tutorials together with appropriate attribution wherever required.

No Affiliate Link:

We do not allow affiliate link anywhere inside post because this may possibly hurt our website reputation. If you are looking to promote your affiliate banner, then please visit Advertise page.


Never publish any kind of Article copied from other website. We will never publish any of such post. If we found you working like this, we will instantly remove your Article. We appreciate others work so you should.

How to Submit

We accept submissions in Microsoft Word Document. If you would like to write for us then, feel free to send a pitch or idea before submitting an article.

Contact us at allhealthpost78@gmail.com with the

  • Subject (Guest Post or Advertising)
  • Topics Ideas
  • and Website that you want to link

We will get back to you if you followed our guidelines.