Xanax High: Try to get out of the Addiction

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Now a day suffering from anxiety is quite a common thing. Hectic and complicated lifestyle is increasing stress, and people are trying to find out remedies for the same. In such a scenario Xanax has come as an effective drug which helps to lower the level of your anxiety and restlessness. It is usually available in the form of a tablet. Sometimes you can get the same as a capsule.

Xanax High

What is Xanax?

Doctors prescribe this medicine quite as an effective remedy for mental disorder or excessive anxiety. Now, if you use the same for a short period as prescribed by the doctor, you will be able to get benefits like getting relief from panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, normal anxiety disorder, different kinds of phobias and many more. However, if you use this medicine for a longer time or in more quantities, adverse effects of the same are bound to show up.

Side Effects of Xanax

Well, even if you take the medicine for a short period or as prescribed, you may face some side effects. Some of the most frequently found side effects are given below:

  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • The problem with sex drive
  • A headache
  • Concentration disorder
  • Fatigue
  • More salivation

Some other minor side effects like skin rashes, constipation, depression, change in weight, memory loss problems, difficulty in urinating, etc. may also be seen.

It is often seen that when people benefit from using Xanax, they start using the same more frequently. However, it can only bring about health problems for you. An overdose of this drug can cause the below-mentioned side effects:

  • Weakness
  • Slurred speech
  • Blurred vision
  • Respiratory problems

It has been found that people taking the drug for a longer period of time have suffered from problems like disorientation or confusion.

Can you get addicted to Xanax?

It has been commonly found that people become addicted to any drug or substance that offers temporary or permanent relief from any pain or disease. The same can happen with Xanax. As this drug provides you with the feeling of being relaxed and tension-free, often people become hooked to the same, and that can create major health problems.

As long as the feeling of sleepiness or dizziness induced by the drug is under control, most people are going to enjoy it. But if the xanax high is too much, then the experience can be quite nightmarish. Thus the state of Xanax high can be a critical problem if you start taking an overdose of this drug or if you take the same for a longer period.

What causes Xanax High?

It mainly happens when you take the drug more than the prescribed limits. It has also been found that people take this drug along with other substances which increases the chances of Xanax abuse. Getting into a state of supreme relaxation often people start using this drug more and more and finally become addicted to it. The drug, then, starts showing its addictive effects and it can affect the health of an individual in different ways.

Symptoms of Xanax High

The use of this drug in an uncontrolled way can cause some of the fatal symptoms of Xanax high. Some of the common dangerous symptoms will be extreme drowsiness, difficulty in breathing, weakness of muscles, feeling of being lightheaded etc. People can even faint or can go to a state of coma in case of an overdose of this drug.

Users may also start feeling depressed, extreme mood changes, etc. Symptoms like vomiting and nausea are also quite common. Some individuals can show symptoms of sedation.

What does Xanax High feel like?

Well, you will get an uncomfortable feeling for sure. Most people suffering from symptoms of Xanax abuse feel excessively relaxed and confused. You will always feel fatigued and have problems in breathing. Energy levels are also bound to take a hit.

How long does Xanax high last?

It depends on for how long you have taken the drug as well as the amount of the same. Not only that, the method of intake also determines how long the Xanax high will last. Taking a couple of capsules may make you feel high for about an hour or so, but if you increase the amount of capsules or tablets, the feeling of high last for a long time. Moreover, direct ingestion of the capsules cause a medium or low feeling of Xanax high while snorting it can cause the effects to be stronger and last longer as well.

Treatment of Xanax High

There are different treatments for Xanax High. Counseling is surely one of the most important ways. As Xanax high can come up with dangerous consequences, it will be extremely crucial to consult a doctor at the earliest.

  • Many people opt for the option of individual counseling. In this one to one session is arranged to help you out of the addition of this drug.
  • Group counseling is also a common method.
  • In-patient treatments are also carried out in the case of some of the patients. This treatment is done in different stages for four to 6 hours a day.
  • In case of inpatient treatment, the patient is sent to a drug rehab center. Now, as per the severity of the condition, the stay may vary from six months to one and a half year.
  • Doctors also prescribe different medications to get rid of the adverse side effects of this drug. If the actual reason for Xanax use still persists, doctors may prescribe an alternative.

Risk factors associated with Xanax high

Low or medium Xanax high may not be a reason of worry. But if the high is extreme, it can cause a numbers of serious issues. Extreme high can make your brain become fuzzy and sedated, thus preventing from performing its functions normally. Memory loss or confusion is common. Not only that, as the high causes breathing problems, one may even get choked, something that has led to many fatal cases.

Avoiding Xanax High

Xanax is seen to cause a high even if it is not abused, but simply because it has been taken for quite a long period. If you feel that you are getting addicted to Xanax and tend to take it more often than needed, it is best that you seek help from your doctor and ask them to either change your daily dosage or prescribe an alternate solution. You may even seek help from friends and family in helping you stay clear of Xanax abuse.


Xanax may be a very useful drug, but misusing it can cause severe symptoms and side-effects which can be alarming for anyone. As such, it is important that you strictly adhere to the set limits and nor misuse the soothing or sedative properties of the drug.

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