Everything You Need to Know about an Abnormal EKG

An electrocardiogram, otherwise known as EKG, is a simple test which helps in measuring the electrical activity of the heart and can detect primary heart conditions. For most people, an EKG may be just a series of the line, but there is so much more than this. Sometimes, an abnormal EKG reading can just be a normal variation in the heart’s rhythm. While in other cases, it may be the result of an underlying heart’s condition or a response to medicine one is taking.

Everything You Need to Know about an Abnormal EKG

An EKG reading is an extremely useful diagnostic tool by using which doctors can identify the underlying condition of a person’s heart and suggest the treatment accordingly. The result shows the series of lines and each line points toward an electrical signal sent from the heart. Only doctors know how to read and understand these lines, which helps them in comprehending the overall condition of the heart. Below in this article, we’ve described in detail what a normal EKG is and how it caused. Keep on reading to learn about them!

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How is the EKG Test Taken?

Typically, electrodes are attached to the person’s chest and limbs are 10 different points. When these electrodes are attached, they pick up electronic impulse sent out by each heartbeat. After picking up the signals, the results are recorded in the form of wave on the graph. The whole process requires just a few seconds and record all the tiny details for a healthcare professional to analyze.

What is meant by Abnormal EKG?

What’s an abnormal ekg? An abnormal EKG point towards something unexpected in the EKG reading. Though this is not always an indication of an unhealthy heart, it is just something doctors consider to check if there are signs of any heart condition. To understand it even better, let’s take an example. In 2015, researchers found that all the athletes regularly show the signs of abnormal EKG in the readings. They said that most of these results are harmless and is mainly due to the individual’s adaptation to exercise. However, they still went through screening to make sure there isn’t anything risky.

What Can Cause an Abnormal EKG?

If you are wondering what can cause an abnormal EKG, then it is important to know there can be a lot of reasons. Here are the top reasons:

Irregular Heart Rhythm

Even though it may differ a little between each person, everyone’s heart maintains a steady rhythm. Sometimes a person can feel changes in their heart’s rhythm like skipping in a heartbeat or feeling as their heart is fluttering. An EKG helps in determining where the heart is beating out of rhythm.

Abnormalities in the Heart’s Shape

An EKG gives doctors an idea in what specific area of heart it is working hard. An abnormal EKG result can be caused due to the abnormal shape of the heart. If the heart shape is thicker than normal it means the heart is struggling to pump blood.

Electrolyte Imbalances

Electrolyte minerals are significant to maintain overall health, where the heart’s health is no exception. But they can even cause an abnormal EKG. These electrolytes are responsible for conducting electricity in the body and also help maintain the heart rhythm and rate steady. Imbalanced electrolytes mean an abnormal EKG reading.

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