Red Borneo Kratom Vs Green Borneo – Know the Difference

There are definite differences in red kratom strains versus green kratom strains. Red strains are typically best for those who want to alleviate pain and boost relaxation, while the green colored strains add pain relief, but also energy. You can think of the green strains as a combination of both red and white strains.

Borneo strains are very potent kratom strains. It is mostly known for pain relief, relaxation, and its mood boosting effects. Both the green and red Borneo strains are one of the strongest to take for these benefits.

Although Borneo strains are one of the most potent, keep in mind that they are more sedating. However, you generally won’t feel as much side effects that other strains may cause, like foggy headedness.

We will be comparing both the Red Borneo and Green Borneo. They may sound extremely similar, but there are some differences.

Red Borneo Kratom Vs Green Borneo - Know the Difference

Red Vein Borneo

Red Borneo gets its name from the color of the veins in the kratom leaves. It is native to the island of Borneo, where it is grown and cultivated. Often times, its natives use Red Borneo as a recreational stimulant and as a natural medicinal supplement for its pain-relieving benefits.

This is one of the most popular strains for relaxation. It provides long lasting effects, which makes it that much more desirable. Many users say the effects last for about 4 to 6 hours, so if you’re a beginner to kratom, this one is a good option.

The pain relief is most notable when taking Red Vein Borneo. This is because it binds to receptors in the brain and sends pain numbing signals throughout the body. Since this is a sedative strain, it is best to use it in the afternoon or before bed.

Recommended Dosage: If you are new to kratom and want to figure out the correct dosage for you, go ahead and start off with 2-3 grams. Most users go for about 3-5 grams to feel its effects. For those who need more pain relief, a higher dosage of about 6-8 grams is recommended.

Green Vein Borneo

Green Borneo kratom is produced from kratom leaves with the green veins. It is a unique blend of kratom strains, which optimize its benefits. This strain has an increase in efficacy when compared to other kratom. This is because it contains 25 different alkaloids.

Compared to Red Borneo, Green Borneo is less sedative. It’s also a little less energizing than white strains. If you’re looking for a balanced blend of both, this is where Green Borneo is great.

Green Borneo has pain-relieving benefits as reported by many who use it. It is great for relieving muscular, joint, and other chronic pain as well. Many also notice a boost in their energy. It can be great for students who need a little bit of extra help in concentration and vitality. It can definitely help get your tedious tasks done all while alleviating any minor pain and discomfort you may be experiencing.

Recommended Dosage: As all other kratom strains, the dosage amount depends on the person’s tolerance, the strain, and size of the user. Beginners can start with 1.5 to 2 grams. And those who already have some experience with kratom can take 2-3 grams. If you’re desired effect is pain relief, you can take up to 5.5 grams


Red and Green Borneo may sound very similar, but they offer different levels of effects. For those who want more pain relief and relaxation, go for the Red Borneo. It is also great to take before you sleep for optimal relaxation. If you want more balanced and less sedative effects that will give you energy and mild pain relief, try the Green Vein Borneo.

Whichever you try, you’ll find the effects and benefits are unmatched to what coffee and other over-the-counter products may provide.

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