10 Hot Apps for Healthcare Providers – Must Download

We live in the world now, where there are mobile apps for Android for literally everything you can imagine. You can track your calorie intake, how many kilometers you walked, and so on. Same way, there are many healthcare apps designed to help doctors and patients. Providing medical care isn’t an easy job, and it often proves to be even more challenging, especially when you face time constraints or an enormous workload. Often, doctors and nurses find themselves in situations where they have to react or to observe patient’s information very quickly to treat them most appropriately. Having to go through a bunch of files to find everything you need can be not just overwhelming, but time-consuming as well. This is the main reason why many healthcare providers decide to use healthcare mobile apps.

10 Hot Apps for Healthcare Providers - Must Download

Benefits of Medical Mobile Apps for Android

When we are talking about mobile apps for Android for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical workers, there are three main benefits that we would like to emphasize.

Efficiency: Time is a crucial thing to consider in medicine. Doctors, especially those in emergency medicine, often need to attend to the needs of many patients at the same time. The average time a doctor spends with the patient is about 15 minutes. However, these portable apps can shorten this time without damaging the quality of care the patient receives.

Accuracy: With mobile apps for Android, as a doctor, you can forget about misdiagnosing patients or dealing with wrong prescriptions and other confusing issues. They are also designed to help doctors do the research and communicate with other colleagues to make the most accurate diagnosis.

Convenience: Besides, the fact that they are straightforward, using these progressive web apps is convenient also because they allow you to access all necessary information without having to go through numerous pages of huge medical books.

Best Apps for Medical Workers

EMRA PressorDex

If you are practicing emergency medicine, you will find this app to be a crucial tool for the best performance in your work. It is created by emergency medicine physicians and comes with a comprehensive guide on the numerous medications necessary to treat patients. Regardless of how busy your shifts can get with this tool, you will always be able to determine what drugs and dosages are appropriate for people who need your help. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad, and you can download it from the apps store.


This is one of the most known mobile apps for Android that is designed to support doctors of emergency medicine in treating their patients. It is also adequate for interns and residents as well as students and nurses because it is a reliable source of information that significantly improves education. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Once you log in, you will have access to the myriad of medical conditions and symptoms, information on which medications are best for treating those conditions, etc. Not only this app helps you diagnose patients, but it also provides you with the latest updates on medical research, drug approvals, and other essential information.


Medscape is one of the best Android apps that offers physicians the possibility to be up to date with the medical world. You can find news, information about drugs, research, medical calculators, opportunities to expand your medical education, and so on. Doctors can freely use this app, having extensive clinical information all in one place when they need help for making point-of-care decisions. Features include easy access to guidelines, safety and prescription data for approximately 8000 drugs, more than 600 medical calculators, educational videos and pictures with directives, access to over 4000 conditions, and more.


Doximity is one of the mobile apps for Android that you can use to have more accessible communication with other healthcare providers and also your patients. It allows you to send patient's information to doctors in a different hospital in case of transfer quickly and without a fuss. Also, as a doctor, you sometimes need to call your patients, and this app allows you to do so using your cell phone. It is for the time being available only to doctors, medical students, and other healthcare providers in the U.S.


Lexicomp is a known developer of clinical information solutions. Their app provides healthcare professionals with access to 20 different databases containing elaborate information on drugs, natural product interactions, medical calculators, and much more, whether in the hospital or on the field. What differentiates it from others is pharmacogenomic’s database, information on IV compatibility, drug shortage, and more. If you don't have Internet access, you can still provide the best information to your patients because all data is stored on the device. This is one of the best mobile apps for Android, which is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

My Epilepsy

This is one of the best apps for Android that helps both clinicians and patients to manage epilepsy better. Using this tool, people can keep track of their seizure activity each day, monitor the progress, have all the information about medications they are using, and so on. Besides, this app provides access to various information about the condition so patients can be well informed and receive updates on the latest news related to the disease.


Pulsara is one of the mobile apps for Android that is essential for cases when acute care is needed but shouldn’t be relied on when you are making diagnostics or treatment decisions. It is effortless to use since your entire Emergency Response Team can be connected with just one tap. Because there is no need to deal with phone calls, faxes, and so on, all doctors and other medical staff can be completely focused on providing the best possible care to patients in urgent situations.

3D4 Medical

This type of medical app is fantastic because it allows you to have full insight into human anatomy with the latest technology. You can choose between looking at the entire body or zooming the parts that are important for a specific moment. There is also an option to rotate and adjust the image of how you find it necessary. It comes with animations that are designed to help when you are explaining to the patients what is the course of treatment.


In the world of mobile apps for Android, Epocrates is among the most popular. It is available for devices that use Android and iOS. The app is designed for doctors and other healthcare providers to use at the point-of-care. They can use it to check drug doses, drug interactions, safety, get help in diagnosing diseases, and more. You can choose between the free version that focuses on pharmacology and a professional one that offers a myriad of tools like disease information, a list of alternative medicines, information on infectious diseases treatment, and more. It comes with a simple and user-friendly interface and can work offline.

SMART Precision Cancer Medicine

Due to the advancements in medical technology, we now know much more about the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Therefore, we know that there are a lot of types of different kinds of diseases because of genetic mutations, and they should be treated differently. Vanderbilt developed this app – Ingram Cancer Center, and it is HER – agnostic, clinic – a genomic mobile app that shows several features necessary for point-of-care. It helps healthcare providers to get contextual information that can enable them to better understand what is going in regards to specific patient’s genome in the clinic environment. For example, if a patient has a particular mutation of, say, breast cancer, this app can show how common this mutation is comparing to others. It is compatible with all SMART devices.


The fact is that mobile apps for Android are handy both for patients and healthcare specialists. Patients like to know what is going on and have access to information but also their doctors whenever they feel the need. Many of these apps also enable patients to understand better what is going on and what kind of treatment they receive. For doctors, patient care becomes way more comfortable when using these tools because they can find everything they need in one place. If you are a healthcare professional, it is essential to get well informed on the best medical apps because they can significantly improve your life during your studies and work. Don't also forget that it is crucial to update apps regularly, so you are sure to have the latest information all the time. Are you using some of these or some other apps that we didn’t mention? We would be delighted to hear about your experiences.

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Thomas Glare is a medical student and a part-time writer. After taking biology classes in middle school, he fell in love with medicine and decided to become a doctor. Thomas also likes technology and its impact on medicine and believes that the two combined can revolutionize the way doctors are treating patients.

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