A Guide to the Best Mattress for Back Pain In 2019

A Guide to the Best Mattress for Back Pain In 2019

Back pain is a common condition that affects many people around the world. It is estimated that every adult experiences back pain at some point in life. Although some conditions are minor, others can be extremely painful. In most occasions, people will think of taking medications or visiting a doctor when they have back pain. Although that is highly recommended, it is also worth noting that the mattress you are sleeping on could be the cause of your back pain. If you are sleeping on an old mattress, you are more likely to suffer from back pain. It is also worth noting that sleeping on the right mattress can help reduce back pain. Therefore, people with back pain should be very careful when selecting the right mattress.

A Guide to the Best Mattress for Back Pain In 2019

Things to consider when choosing the best mattress for back pain

The mattress you sleep on has a major effect on the quality of your sleep and your well-being the following day. Investing in a quality mattress will not only improve the quality of your sleep, but it can also help you manage chronic back pain. You need good support and alignment as your sleep can be the difference between debilitating pain and manageable pain. A quality mattress will ensure a comfortable sleep and thus, facilitate better rest, reduce pain, and prevent new aches.

Sleeping on an unsupportive or lumpy mattress can cause discomfort as it will make your body sink into the mattress throwing your joints out of alignment. The problem occurs when you sleep on a mattress that is too soft or firm. Studies have shown that sleeping on a very firm mattress causes the poorest sleep quality. The goal for people with back pain is to find a mattress that offers the right level of support while guaranteeing a comfortable sleep. The best mattress should take significant stress off the pressure joints to help your spine relax. Things to consider when selecting the best mattress for back pain includes:

Type of mattress

The type of mattress you choose is crucial for your back health. High-quality latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses are the best-rated types of mattresses for back pain with spring mattresses being rated the worst. Long-term customer satisfaction scores of thin mattresses are low. A high-quality foam mattress conforms to the shape of your body allowing the wider parts of your body like shoulders and hips to sink in while the narrower parts of your body like wait and feet comfortably stays atop the mattress. A poor-quality mattress will force your body to rest at an unnatural angle preventing the muscles from fully relaxing.


Another critical aspect that you should consider is the firmness of your mattress. There is a debate on the best mattress firmness for people with back pain as chiropractors recommending medium-firm mattresses while orthopedic doctors recommend a hard mattress. However, recent studies have shown that medium-firm mattresses are the best for people with back pain. Studies found that medium-firm mattresses are highly effective at reducing clinically diagnosed back pain, spine stiffness, and shoulder pain. People sleeping on medium-firm mattresses also reported experiencing better sleep quality and fewer sleep disturbances throughout the night.

If you are not sure on the best mattress for your needs, you should consider purchasing a brand that lets you test the mattress. A mattress is not something we buy often, so before buying you should consider collecting information about the technology used, their review and specification from a reliable source with detailed information about the mattresses. Just like the SleepDelivered YogaBed Mattress Review to find some of the best-rated mattresses for back pain. The right firmness also depends on your weight and sleeping positions.


Although high-end mattresses are recommended for people with back pain, foam and latex mattresses are preferred for their effectiveness and affordability. However, it is good to ensure that the mattress offers high motion isolation, especially if you share the mattress with a partner to ensure the movements does not affect the sleep quality of your partner. If you can afford, it is also beneficial to look for premium mattresses specially designed for people with back problems.

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