Common Foods that Causes Constipation

Constipation, since everyone knows, is an occurrence whenever bowel habits turn out to be abnormal , creating difficulties such as cramps in tummy , gas , bloated tummy and so on . It would be unusual to realize that our diet routines are one of the reasons behind bowel irregularity. The food element which is liable for triggering constipation is indigestible dietary fiber. Extra dietary fiber results in bowel irregularity while deficiencies in fiber will cause bowel dependency. Mal-absorption problems for example gastroenteritis as well as liver or even pancreatic cancer can additionally result in constipation. Fewer than 5 to 6 bowel activities in 7 days is regarded as chronic bowel irregularity if it usually lasts a couple of months . Yet another reason of chronic constipation is forcing or even having difficulties in transferring stools.

List of foods that cause constipation foods that cause constipation in Adults foods that cause constipation in seniors 16 Common Foods That Causes Constipation in Men and Women Here is the List of 16 Common Foods that Causes Constipation in Men, Women, Adults and Senior People. Risk Elements and Common Causes of Constipation.

No matter what might be the cause, making alterations to your diet can considerably have an impact on reducing constipation.

Constipation takes place if you have less than 3 bowel habits in 7 days.

Constipation is a very common digestive problem wherein bowel routines are irregular or even complicated to deliver.

It is regarded as a warning sign of several health problems, instead of sickness in and also of alone.

Common intestinal routines vary between individuals. Some individuals might pass stool 3 times daily, while some might just have a bowel activity 3 times weekly.

You are regarded as constipated in case you have less than 3 bowel habits in 7 days. After this level, your stool might harden and also turn out to be hard and even uncomfortable to deliver.

At the time of constipated, you might force to deliver stool or even think that you are not able to entirely clear your bowel movements.

Occurrence and Risk Elements

Bowel problems are regarded as the most typical gastrointestinal ( GI ) problems in the USA, influencing around 42 million individuals, or even about 15 % of the human population, as per the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases ( NIDDK ) .

In 2004, bowel irregularity led to 6 .3 million outpatient visits and also 5 .3 million prescription medications, the NIDDK remarks.

Even though constipation can have an effect on everyone, you are at highest possible risk for this if you are:

  • Women
  • Age group 65 or even older
  • Low-income
  • Of non-European ancestry

You are additionally at considerably higher risk for bowel problems if you are expecting a baby, or if perhaps you just gave birth or even had surgical treatment.

Topics Covered

What are the Causes of Constipation?

The GI tract, which includes a string of hollow organs extending from your mouth to your anus, is liable for digestion of food, nutritional digestion, as well as waste materials elimination.

In your lower GI region, your large intestine, or even intestine — that contains your digestive tract as well as anus — soaks up fluid from your processed food, transforming it from a fluid to a strong (stool).

Constipation happens whenever absorbed food consumes an excessive amount of time in your digestive tract.

Your digestive tract uses very much fluid, creating your stool really hard as well as dry — and also hard for your rectal muscle tissues to force from your body.

Many causes can result in constipation, such as:

  • Deficiency of dietary fiber in the eating habits
  • Insufficient physical exercise
  • Lower liquid consumption
  • Some medicines ( for example antidepressants, pain relievers, some antacids and also iron products, anticonvulsants and antispasmodics, Parkinson’s disorder medicines, and also calcium channel blockers for high blood pressure levels as well as cardiovascular disease )
  • Regularly taking laxatives or even using enemas
  • Modifications in everyday life or even everyday activities, for example, traveling
  • Bad bowel movements (disregarding the desire to go)

GI tract disorders or even diseases, like annoyed bowel disorder, tumors or even some other obstacles, celiac disorder, as well as digestive tract polyps

Different diseases and medical conditions, such as various sclerosis, diabetic issues, an underactive thyroid, Parkinson’s disorder, hypertension, as well as neural harm

Constipation Problems

Constipation is frequently severe, which means that it seems to be unexpectedly and also usually lasts temporarily.

However it can additionally be persistent, or even long-term — and also this kind of constipation will surely have additional complications.

These types of possible problems consist of:

  • A hemorrhoid condition (inflamed, swollen veins in the anus or even around the anus which may result in rectal ache as well as bleeding)
  • Anal fissures (little rips in the skin around the anus which are usually coupled with soreness, discomfort, as well as blood loss)
  • Fecal impaction (incapability to force stool out simply because it has dense and also filled in the digestive tract and anus very firmly)
  • Rectal prolapse (a disorder in which a part of the anus stands out of the anus)

Common Foods that cause severe constipation

Sad to mention, the common American eating habits these days seriously produces bowel problems. Nowadays, individuals are extremely lazy to prepare food by themselves and also depend very much on junk food stores and also prepared to cook foods.

Food processing includes the elimination of plenty of fibrous ingredients. Therefore, refined food is regarded as the main causes exactly why there is chronic constipation. Food items that belong to this classification are all prepackaged food items, white or even polished rice, all kinds of sugar, polished white flour, as well as pastry foods. This actually involves hot-dogs as well as doughnuts.

High-fat foods are also a reason for bowel irregularity. Extra fat is the last to go through digestion of food in the gastrointestinal system when compared with proteins and carbs. Consequently, the more extra fat in the diet, the sluggish the passing of food into the small intestine as well as into the intestinal tract. The majority of the food items we certainly have nowadays had a very high amount of hydrogenated fat along with animal fats. Such as the summer season most liked that is the ice-cream, cheese (which the majority of us prefer to use in our tasty recipes), whole milk, beef with a very high amount of fat, and also snacks for example pizza as well as chips.

Not every liquid which could be enough for the “increased liquid intake” instructions in the elimination of constipation is related. Some, sadly, have to be avoided because they are additional culprits for bowel problems. Types of these types of liquids are those with higher glucose ingredients, non-nutritional beverages, along with caffeinated drinks. This is to contain alcoholic beverages, colas as well as soda drinks, coffee, and also chemically made juices in which almost all the fibrous ingredients has been taken away. It is recommended to consume all natural fruit juice or even those who are usually produced fresh from the fruits.

Do you usually feel constipated? Does that unpleasant sensation of discomfort in your tummy make you out from calmness as well as physical activity? We are cleansed with a lot of foodstuffs every single day, that in some cases we don’t actually be aware of which of those is nice, and which of those is not good for you.

Ask yourself exactly what food will cause constipation? Imagine if you could possibly be aware of those particular food items that cause constipation and also stay away from them? Things would certainly get much better, right? Well, this article includes the list of those Common Foods that cause constipation, and also if you ignored them, you can keep bowel irregularity away! Keep reading to understand what bowel problems generally is, along with the foods you have to stay away from to eliminate it!

Listed here are common foods that cause constipation, or even at least can muck up your digestive tract, resulting in it to work at under its best. Try staying away from these types of food items for some time and also find out if there’s a noticeable difference in your gastrointestinal system.

List of Common Foods that Cause Constipation in Men and Women

  • Chocolate
  • Milk
  • Beef
  • Cheese
  • Rice
  • Ice Cream
  • Unripe Banana
  • Yogurt
  • White Bread
  • Freezing Meals
  • Energy Drinks as well as Coffee
  • Junk Foods (Burgers or Pizza)
  • Chewing Gums
  • Chips
  • Eggs
  • Beans


Chocolate, probably the most craved food items in the world can really be what is making you in troubles in the toilet.

The difficulty can be found in the truth that the majority of commercially made chocolates consist of whole milk, which as we’ll find out below could potentially cause constipation in people who are susceptible to it. It can additionally be the fat ingredients of chocolate which are creating the slow-down.

Dark Chocolate Also?

Dark chocolate is usually suggested over whole milk chocolate mainly because of its vitamin antioxidants, along with the reality that it consists of significantly less glucose and also should contain absolutely no dairy. In the event you opt for a top quality dark chocolate it should not lead to occurrences of constipation, but rather the magnesium it includes should help with consistency.


Milk, as well as other dairy food, makes our list of food items which can give you bowel irregularity. There might be inconsistent specifics of whether or not dairy results in chronic constipation, however, the majority of the debunking originates from dairy coalitions making the dairy business going powerful.

Having a considerable amount of dairy food as one of many possible reasons behind constipation, without entering into details on exactly what considerable amounts include. You possibly can check on your own whether or not milk is creating the issue by removing it from your diet for a good enough time to check if situations progress.

Foods that Cause Constipation in Seniors

Much better Choices

Try out almond milk as an alternative that is lactose-free and also has a little bit of dietary fiber that will, in fact, encourage your gastrointestinal tract on, instead of slow it down.


Beef, as well as other red meats, can certainly do a lot on your digestive tract when you aren’t eating sufficient roughage together with it as high-fiber fruit and vegetables.

Mainly because beef has absolutely no fiber whatsoever, it will take it’s enough time to deal with your digestion, especially when it was consumed simultaneously as other low-fiber foods.

Advantages of Beef

Beef is a wonderful way to obtain healthy proteins and also significant vitamins and minerals the entire body requires, which mean you don’t have to eliminate it from your daily diet, be sure that you combine it with a high-fiber side meal to help it along.


Cheese has always been recognized as a food which can plug you up, it’s the mixture of lower fiber ingredients as well as higher fat ingredients which makes cheese such an issue for people who go through regular bowel problems.

Exactly how Much Is Very Much?

If you really like the taste of cheese and don’t wish to give it up completely, make sure to restrict your usage to 1/2 a cup or even significantly less daily. You can even help it by your digestive system by ensuring to have vegetables as well as other high-fiber meals together with it.


White rice is the primary Factor you’ll wish to concentrate your consideration on if you want to stop problems of constipation.

Rice starts off healthful enough, however, to ensure it is white rice they do away with husk, bacteria, and also bran that it has, after which place it through a polishing procedure so that it appears attractive as well as bright. Sadly this eliminates the elements of rice which are beneficial to the body of a human.

Choose Brown Rice

Choosing brown rice has the reverse impact since brown rice is regarded as the foods which can help with constipation. It’s a foundation of complete grains as well as includes a lot more dietary fiber than you’ll get in white rice.

Ice Cream

Here’s an additional difficult to listen, ice-cream is regarded as the tastiest things which could be reducing your bowel habits and also causing you to feel pressure in the washroom.

It’s the whole milk that ice-cream is made from that produce the possible difficulty. Once you know you don’t deal with lactose properly, you should think of staying away from ice cream. You may furthermore think about choosing soy-based ice-cream, or even one that’s made out of coconut milk or even almond milk like the kinds from Very Tasty.

Transforming with the Different Seasons

Ice cream is the most suitable tolerated by the body in the summer season, however, even then you’ll wish to make it moderately or risk it being a digestion disruptor.

Unripe Bananas

An unripe banana can result in a backup in the washroom. This really is mainly because they’ll be very starchy and also difficult to soak up, consuming much more time to go through your digestive tract and also more difficult to pass out from you.

Waiting around for a banana to be properly ripe will take patience and time because it isn’t automatically ripe since it isn’t green anymore. You’ll have to wait around until the banana has entirely ripened, which is generally whenever you find out the strip coated with lots of brown marks.

Ripe Bananas Guide

As soon as bananas make it over to the ripe side of the equation they don’t cause a bowel irregularity risk any longer, along with the dietary fiber they have will, in fact, enable you to stay away from the difficulty from the start.


Our final entry is certainly one which may be a bit disturbing because yogurt twists up on a lot of balanced diet lists as well as diet plans. While it’s considered that the germs in yogurt might help your digestive system, additionally it is a dairy-based food item that for some may spell difficulty in the washroom.

Even if yogurt triggers a dilemma with the digestion of food or even diminishes it is mainly up to the person and also exactly how they react to consuming dairy food.

A Note on Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has exploded in reputation in recent times because of its greater proteins ingredients and also capability to fill out for things like sour cream. However, it is this type of yogurt which offers a much bigger risk of resulting in bowel irregularity as compared to normal yogurt.

White Bread

Each time you make a sandwich with white bread, you are transferring up to a chance to eat certain fiber-packed whole grains. Although a piece of classic Wonder bread has much less than 1 gram of the digestion-friendly nutritional, a piece of whole grain has 3 grams.

Freezing Meals

If most of your food has to be thawed away before you can search in, that may clarify exactly why your intestines are a little, well, frozen. The majority of heat-and-eat meals include close to absolutely no dietary fiber and also higher levels of fat as well as salt that can lead to water preservation. And also because fluid is required to force waste from the digestive system, whenever there is not sufficient of it inside the body to move around, it could lead to severe constipation.

Energy Drinks as well as Coffee

As per an investigation posted in the magazine, Bowel, coffee encourages a “gastrocolic response” in the body soon after intake that causes lots of people high-tail it to the washroom after a cup or even 2. But, sip very much of the stuff or even whatever else with coffee for that matter—you’ll most likely feel the reverse reaction. Not just are you not drinking water whenever you get to a caffeinated drink, the stimulating elements could also dehydrate you. Because H20 forced waste from the body, whenever your body is as dried up like the desert, it makes it complicated to reduce your load.

Junk Foods (Burgers or Pizza)

Whenever you waste your food on junk like nutrient-void burgers as well as oily pizza, which means you are not eating healthful fare that facilitates maximum absorption. Junk food burgers, for instance, are full of dehydrating-salt as well as digestion-slowing fat. To add insult to injuries, everything is sandwiched between 2 fiber-free white buns—not what you would like to be wasting your valuable energy on if you are vulnerable to pooping issues. Pizzaholics deal with most of the similar difficulties. Pizza, as well as cheese (that is full of salt), are the most significant food causes of soaked fat in the U .S. diet plan, as per Harvard scientists. And the crust is fairly much free from any specific vitamins and minerals the body can use for much better health.

Chewing Gums

Despite having childhood day’s gossips, if you digest a piece of gum, it will not take 7 years to get out the opposite side. If you digest plenty of pieces, but, it might just form a mass which will prevent your digestive system and also will cause bowel problems.


It is not always that eating a serving of chips will instantly cause you to back up, it is exactly that whenever you eat a low-fiber meal ( such as chips, pastries, or even pretzels), you are transferring up the chance to eat something even more healthy and balanced that facilitates digestive health. Additionally, chips are the usually powerful prevalence of harmful body fats that reduce the digestive tract, which makes it more problematic to pass.


Eggs can additionally result in constipation sometimes, specifically whenever you eat them without adding high fiber meals in your diet plan. Exactly like beef, they are rich in fat. If you feel constipation frequently, it is recommended to swap eggs with legumes such as beans as well as peas as a protein resource. They are relatively greater in fiber and also lower in fat.


As highlighted above, beans are a fantastic source of healthy proteins as well as fiber. But, all types of beans do not actually have the nutrients we require. If you are affected by bowel problems, some beans which have an excellent carb and also lower fiber ingredients can intensify the difficulty. Extra carbs without sufficient fiber can be unhealthy for the digestive system. Therefore the most convenient way is to eat those beans which have a high dietary fiber as well as lower carbohydrate ingredients, for example, pinto beans or even chickpeas.

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