How to Choose the Best Medical Device Contract Manufacturer

The medical device manufacturing process for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can be very expensive or rather technical. And that is why most manufacturers prefer to use an offshore manufacturer to cut on the labor costs. OEMs may also take such a step when they need special expertise in areas that include casting, joining, precision CNC Swiss, CNC micro Swiss and CNC laser tube machining services.

Choosing the right medical device contract manufacturer also has a lot to do with OEM’s success. It is a vital process that must be done professionally so that the OEM can eventually reap the benefits of spending less on capital, spending less time in quality control, and hiring fewer laborers. So, how do you go about choosing the best medical device manufacturing contractor? Well, here are some tips that you’ll find useful:

How to Choose the Best Medical Device Contract Manufacturer

Reputation for quality

Quality focus is the most important thing that you should consider when choosing a contract manufacturer. A deserving CM should invest in incredibly high-quality manufacturing process in terms of time, effort, and money. In other words, you should only settle for CM that holds itself to a high standard without even the pressure of an OEM. Some of the things that you need to consider in terms of quality include ISO 13485 and FDA compliance. It would also be best if you considered the risk mitigation factors of a CM before partnering with them.


Location is another factor that will determine a lot of things, including distribution channels, cost-per-unit, access, and overall operational costs. In that regard, you should consider a CM that has multiple locations so that they can be able to adjust to demand in case there is a sudden increase. For instance, a medical crisis can call for more equipment. It would also be great if you considered a CM that has access to low-cost manufacturing regions.

Internal goals

The reason for outsourcing manufacturing expertise is so that you can be able to meet individual internal goals such as cost reduction and facilitating flexible options of expansion. It will help if you also get a CM that shares the same vision as you so that it can also play a significant role in the overall growth of the OEM.

Responsiveness and communication

Lastly, it would also help if you considered a contract manufacturer who gives a clear channel of communication. That should include the ability to speak to a human assistant, especially when there is a pressing need to do so. There is also a lot of communication that is done at the beginning of most projects, and the contract manufacturer should also give a clear channel for that. It would also help if you took a physical trip to the contract manufacturer’s premises to see their responsiveness to all the inquiries you’ll make. From that meeting, you can gauge how the overall communication and responsiveness will be shared throughout the partnership.

Moreover, a contract manufacturer who is willing to work with you should be more than willing to adapt to your expectations, needs, and preferences, even if it will take a longer time. Each contractor manufacture always has something outstanding to offer. You should find out about that.

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