How to Get the Perfect Protective Styles for Your Natural Hair?

While natural curls are a blessing for women, they need a lot of nurturing as well. Women blessed with dense, afro-textured hair can use protective styles to enjoy any season without worrying about their most valuable features. Express your personality through your hair while protecting it against harsh sun or cold winter.

How to Get the Perfect Protective Styles for Your Natural Hair?

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What’s In a Perfect Protective Hairstyle?

When you choose a hairstyle in which you tuck the hair-ends safely using braids, twists, up-dos, or wigs, it protects your hair from any damage. Since ends are the fragile part of your hair, constant tugging, tangling, and styling make them weaker.

This results in hair fall and breakage. You can avoid them by choosing the best hairstyles and products that retain the natural quality of your hair.

Here are some hair care tips for rocking a perfect protective hairstyle:

Look for the Best Stylist

Ask around from your friends or even neighbors to find the best stylist for your curly hair. Don’t forget to check if the stylist offers professional experience and uses the best hair care products.

Before spending your money on an expensive treatment, do your research and make sure you get the service you need. Most importantly, find a stylist that specializes in dealing with natural hair.

Keep Your Hair Clean

Before rocking any protective hairstyle, make it a habit to wash your hair properly, preferably the night before to rinse away the product build-up. Choose the best shampoo and conditioner that uses natural ingredients to prepare and restore your hair.

Look for sulfate-free products rich in vitamin E and herbal elements that cleanse your hair and leave it well-moisturized.

Oil Your Scalp

When wearing your hair in any of the protective styles, you should care for your scalp as well. There are times when your scalp gets itchy or dry. To soothe it, apply a natural oil or anti-itch serum that conditions your scalp and restores its natural oils.

By soothing the itchy feeling, these oils nourish the scalp to withstand any hairstyle you prefer. Choose nutrient-rich and herbal products that not only eliminate the itch but also promote thick and robust hair growth.

Keep Hair Edges under Control

No matter how hard you try, it’s a pain to tame the baby hair and frizzy edges. Use a biotin-based edge growing serum to serve this purpose. It not only keeps the hair under control but also adds extra sheen to it.

Tie up your hair with scarf before sleeping and also while heading out to retain the freshness of your braids after styling.

Use Deep Conditioner

A hair care regiment for intense curls isn’t complete without deep conditioning. After you go through the process of styling your hair protectively, restore and replenish its natural beauty with a nature-based herbal conditioner.

Massage the hair thoroughly and comb gently before applying a deep conditioner. Leave the conditioner for 15-20 minutes, massage the scalp, and rinse properly.

You love your hair. So, give it the treatment it deserves with the best styles and products to make it feel healthy and unique.

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