How to Know Which Detox Center Works for You

When a person has a substance abuse disorder, it is common to seek out a detox program. These programs occur at the beginning of a substance abuse treatment program. If you were using drugs or alcohol, it is possible that when you stop you could experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms could range from moderate to severe. In this case, you may want to admit yourself to a detox treatment facility.

How to Know Which Detox Center Works for You

Types of Detox Centers

There are different types of detox centers. Sometimes the process of detoxing can be difficult, if not life-threatening and you need to have medical attention throughout it. The idea behind a detox center is that a patient does not have to be alone throughout the process. There are different types of detox programs because not every program works for every person.

Some people may be able to stop abusing drugs or alcohol through regular meetings with a medical care professional. He or she may taper off the use of drugs over time. With severe addiction, however, there is a need for more structure. Some centers are medically supervised, whereas others may be only a brief visit. You can have both inpatient centers and outpatient centers.

Benefits of Inpatient Centers

A lot of people have anxiety over inpatient centers. They may feel like they are losing some of their freedoms when they enter the facility. The truth is that while you can no longer handle professional or personal obligations, you can focus on yourself. When you are trying to recover from an addiction, your focus should be entirely on yourself. At an inpatient facility, you live within the treatment center. You do not go home in the evenings and you remain as long as your program lasts.

The biggest advantage of these programs is that you do not have to stay around the old temptations. Sometimes, it can be difficult to put an end to substance abuse because you still hang around the same friends that might drag you back into that lifestyle. When you are at a treatment facility, you do not have to worry about anyone trying to tempt you to use drugs or alcohol.

Likewise, you can receive medical treatment on-site. Some withdrawals are going to be rough. While some drugs can be more difficult to quit, everyone reacts differently. You can’t be positive what kind of reaction your body will have. To have doctors on-site can make you feel like you are in safer hands.

Benefits of Outpatient Centers

Outpatient centers often allow a patient to receive treatment during the day but then can go home at night. These types of centers benefit those who do not have as serious of an addiction. If you have a good support system at home, then you may benefit from outpatient. If you have no other medical or psychiatric problems, then you may be able to spend your nights at home. Some people do not need intensive care.

For some people, it can help to still have contact with family and friends during the detox process. It also allows you to remain flexible with your schedule. If you have personal or professional responsibilities, you can still tend to those. If you have a serious addiction or if your friends and family are not supportive of your sobriety, then an outpatient program may not work for you.

Upon arrival at a treatment facility, there is an intake process that you will have to go through. There will be a series of questions that a therapist will ask you. These questions will generally have to do with your history with different substances. As you try to settle on a detox center that works for you, you must answer every question with complete honesty. This is the only way that you will receive the best possible care. The treatment plan has to be customized to you.

While the journey ahead may be a long one, it is a lot easier when you have a support system behind you. When you are in a detox center that knows your specific circumstances, you can breathe easier. It is important to find what works for you and what feels the most comfortable.

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