How Long Does Vyvanse Stay in Your System

Vyvanse is also known as Lisdexamfetamine which has different medical values and significances. Vyvanse is used as an effective drug to be prescribed as a solution for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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What is Vyvanse?

Vyvanse is known to be useful for children as well as adults. Apart from the treatment of ADHD, this drug is also supposed to be used for various other medical issues such as binge eating disorder. Though it is an expensive drug, it is prescribed a lot more commonly than others in the category. As of now, there is no generic alternative to this medicine. Though this drug is not covered by most insurance and Medicare plans, nevertheless pharmacy and manufacturer coupons are there to compensate the price.

How Long Does Vyvanse Stay in Your System

Uses of Vyvanse

There are different kinds of medical uses of the drug Vyvanse. It is utilized for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder along with other social and psychological treatment plans. On the other hand, it is also likely to be used to enhance one’s ability to pay attention, stop fidgeting as well as stay completely focused. That being said, it can even be utilized to fight binge eating disorders seen in the adults.

This drug is a stimulant and is basically utilized in order to restore the balance of some specific natural chemicals (aka neurotransmitters) in the brain. Nevertheless, this drug is not prescribed for every other problem such as weight loss since there are likely to be some side effects to deal with.

The efficacy and safety of this medicine in children of 3 to 5 years have not yet been established to that extent. More research and tests are needed to ensure that. However, it is safe and secure to some extent. Hence, it can be safely prescribed under normal health conditions.

Can Vyvanse be Detected Even after Stopping?

If you decide to stop taking this drug, you may still feel like you have really been hit with brain fog, lethargy as well as various other withdrawal symptoms of this drug. Such discontinuation effects are highly likely to make you think that whether the drug can still be detected in your body or not. In order to determine how long this drug is supposed to stay in the system, it is important for you to examine the elimination half-life.

How Long Does Vyvanse Stay in your Body?

There are various factors associated that determine the length for which this medicine stays in your system. Though the half-life can vary from person depending on a number of factors, yet it is possible to get an estimate about the drug’s half life. Moreover, if you can properly determine that the elimination half-life of this drug, then you might have an idea as to how long this drug actually stays in your system.

The elimination half-life of this drug is known to be less than 1 hour, around 47 minutes to be exact. It clearly indicates that 50% of the ingested doses are to be eliminated from your body within 1 hour. That being said, a full system cleaning should take from 4.3 to 5.5 hours. But even after the full system cleaning, its metabolites are not likely to be excreted this soon. Rather, it generally takes 9 to 11 hours.

Generally, this medicine is likely to be there in your system for 2-3 days post ingestion. Moreover, some secondary metabolites like benzoic acid have a comparatively longer elimination half-life and are excreted much later.

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Factors that Determine How Long Vyvanse stays in the Body

There are plenty of factors that determine how long the medicine stays in your system. First of all, there are some individual factors to consider such as tolerance, the frequency of the administration and dosage taken etc. The cumulative influences of all these factors facilitate the clearance of the Vyvanse from the body.

1. Age:

Age is known to be the first individual factor. Elderly individuals basically excrete drugs at a comparatively slower rate than younger individuals. They have a poorer renal function in comparison to their younger counterparts. And poorer renal functions indicate reduced and slower clearance of the Vyvanse.

2. Body fat/weight/height:

These factors also play a role in determining how long the medicine will stay in your system. If a great amount of drug is ingested by a person having less body mass, then it is to be excreted slowly. On the other hand, if a small amount of drug is taken by a person having a heavy body mass, then it will be excreted comparatively faster.

3.Dehydration/Food intake:

Taking the drug along with food clearly decreases its absorption. And it significantly affects elimination time of the medicine. On the other hand, staying hydrated will make the excretion process faster since it is excreted via urine.

4. Kidney Function:

A good kidney function is only likely to make the excretion process faster for obvious reasons.

5. Metabolic Rate:

This medication is known to speed up one’s metabolic rate. This is why one’s pre-medication basal metabolic rate generally has some effects on the elimination of the drug. People with higher pre-medication basal metabolic rate are likely to excrete Vyvanse comparatively faster.

6. Urinary/Gastrointestinal pH:

pH of the gastrointestinal tract largely affects the bioavailability of the dextroamphetamine and its absorption. If the GI tract is very basic, the metabolites of Vyvanse can easily be absorbed by the body and thus, remain in it for a much longer period of time than it would have if the GI tract was acidic. On the other hand, if your urine is more acidic, you are likely to excrete faster than if the urine is basic in nature.

Apart from the individual factors, there are 2 other important factors such as dosage and frequency of use of the medicine that may increase or decrease the time for which Vyvanse remains in the body. Higher the dosage, the more time it will take for the excretory system to completely remove it from the body. When you take high dosages (70 mg), you are actually putting a lot of exogenous chemicals that require being absorbed after being metabolized and then excreted. Hence, it will take time. But if you take a low dosage, then it obviously takes less time for obvious reasons. Hence, always try to go for the lower dosage unless you are strictly recommended a higher dosage.

The frequency of usage of the drug also determines how long it will take to be eliminated completely from your system. Some people take this medicine once a day, some take it twice a day, and it all depends on the individuals. More frequently you use this drug, the more time it will take for the excretion process.

Different Tests that Detect the Presence of Vyvanse in the body

Various kinds of drug tests are used to detect the presence of Vyvanse in the system. Different people prefer different tests as per their necessities and choices. One test suitable for a person may not be suitable for you. It is up to you which test you want to go for. Some of the most common tests are described below.

1. Urine tests:

Amphetamines are generally tested for via urine tests and stay detectable in your urine for around 3 days after the ingestion of Vyvanse. The urine test basically involves urinalysis for determining whether it has amphetamines or not. Few people might test positive for this test even after 3 days.

2. Hair tests:

Your hair is likely to be used for determining the presence of the medicine. The chemical dextroamphetamine from the drug may not be yet there in your hair, but it will eventually be there within a week or so. It will be there for 1 month or longer. The hair follicles are removed and analyzed by the gas chromatography or mass spectrometry for determining the presence of amphetamine.

3. Saliva tests:

Saliva tests are not as common as urine tests, but these tests are effective. The sample saliva is sent to a laboratory for the analysis with the high-performance liquid chromatography. This technique more often than not proves to be effective and fruitful within 16 minutes and is comparatively a quicker method than other ones. But the chemical of the medicine does not stay in saliva for long. Hence this test needs to be done quickly.

4. Blood tests:

Blood tests to determine the presence of Vyvanse is highly likely to be elusive most of the times. That apart, it generally offers the shortest window of the detection since the levels of Lisdexamfetamine stay undetectable after the eight hours in blood. Due to this short detection window as well as more effort needed for this test, other tests are comparatively more preferred than this one.

How to Flush Vyvanse from your Body?

In case, you have Vyvanse in your system, and you really want to eliminate it completely, then there are some ways and tricks that you can go for. However, it is always wise to consult a medical professional in order to verify the safety of using such techniques. Some effective techniques to flush Vyvanse out of your body are described below.

1. Stop taking it:

First things first. Stop taking Vyvanse if you really want to flush the medicine out of your body fully. The sooner you stop taking it, the better it will be for your system.

2. Acidic urinary pH:

Acidification of the urine can increase the speed of elimination of the medicine’s main metabolite by up to around three hours. It simply indicates this could reduce the elimination time from eleven to eight hours, thus resulting in the full system clearance within 3 days. That being said, foods that generally increase the acidic nature of the urine is supposed to expedite the clearance.

3. Increase urinary flow:

The flow rate of the urine is likely to influence amphetamine elimination heavily. In case you really want to clear your body of dextroamphetamine, then you are supposed to drink a lot of water in order to stay highly hydrated. Being properly hydrated can maximize urinary flow rate, thus clearing the metabolites in a comparatively shorter period of the time.


Every medicine comes with its advantages and disadvantages, and Vyvanse is no different. It has its own set of side effects and withdrawal symptoms. The side effects and withdrawal symptoms are highly likely to vary person to person. This is why you are always supposed to consult a professional doctor to know whether you can start a dose of the medicine or not. That being said, it is also important for you to do carry out all the necessary research to know how long the medicine will stay in your system and how you can get rid of it fast.

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